Events, current and otherwise

New Years Eve, another year has passed. My love and I have had a whole week off together and we have snow shoed and spent time in the mountains. I am amazed how many people were in the mountains. We saw small children and we saw AARP’ers too.  We walked across a frozen lake. which was a bit unnerving but here we are alive and well and we have great memories of our last days of December 2011. This year I have read, Killing Lincoln, The Hunger Games, Demonic, a Janet Evonivich, 2 JA Jance, Water for Elephants, The Shack, Ian Rands Atlas Shrugged, and reread the last Twlight book in preparation for the movie. Now I am in the middle of Girl with the dragon tattoo, The last Jihad. Quite a mixed bag.! I got a Kendal for my birthday this year it makes it so easy to get books! I have probably left some out but not a bad list.  Feel free to check out all these books not a bad one in the bunch! Happy New Year!!!

Christmas has come and gone, it was good to have Trav home and have Miss Valerie over to Christmas brunch.  We talked to loved ones off and on all day, with E-Mail and Text and phone calls everyone checked in, Much joy to report and even hope and faith and love. A good day. The new year is coming up fast.  We snow shoed today it was wonderful, I feel so good getting a great workout and being in the mountains and the snow, with my wonderful husband. Many blessings

Such a happy evening, made dinner and we laughed and chatted for a long time. It is so great to sit around the table with family and just enjoy.  Christmas is going to be better with our house a little fuller. I am so thankful, for the blessings we have and I am every single day. I love to hear that the kids are happy too. Who knew my joy was so easy to gather.

Got one coming home to roost, lease is up and school has 5 more months. So we have a basement dweller.  It is a very nice basement though, I hope not TOO comfortable.  I just keep reminding myself they always move out and they always get their own lives started. That is the way it has always been.  So I’ll pamper him and love him up till I kick his butt out of the nest with a bag of food and quarters for the laundry mat.  Fly little one Fly!

Content.. I am just so content..their is nothing that can be purchased by me or for me that I need at all.  Having my family close is all I want and to see them happy.   What a great time in my life.

Here comes Christmas! – ready or not!  I keep hoping that one day things will be better at Christmas time, $$$$$ I love the season and all the fun, I just wish I had enough money to give everyone gifts and joy. My love and I often say “if we won the lottery” we would make all our families lives better in every way we could. I would take all my grandkids and their parents and even kids without kids could go on a great vacation somewhere maybe a cruise!  If it is”the thought that counts”, I would be sitting pretty …all I can think about is how to bring joy to my family.  So far they seem fine and I just fret about nothing , oh well its my prerogative I’m a mom, and grandmom too. Merry Christmas

How many, – birthdays in December..lets see Amy of course, Reed, Henry, Hailey, and Ralph.  The thing is finding just the right card and wrapping paper, so its NOT a Christmas present.  So unfair grandma (oops, sorry Ralph) and Sister-in-law is trying to make the pennies stretch so the Christmas Gifts (Thats you guys) don’t get cheated!  I pray God stretches our funds and multiplies miraculously like the two times He made the Bread stretch to feed hundreds.  Wow, He is the Bread of life and He was broken for all mankind of His own free will and He was enough for All.  I just realized how this applies to the world today and always..Praise God. Happy Birthday Jesus, Amy, Reed, Henry, Hailey, and Ralph.

Happy Birthday today! – Hope our Amy has an amazing day filled with love of her adorable babies and all the rest of the family too! You’re a blessing to us all Miss Amy – I want to thank you for the gifts you’ve given me personally, My Hailey, My Lily, and My Henry! Yea it’s great to be me. Oh I mean You’re great and very loved, don’t let that little red headed boy get you too wrapped around his little finger. xoxoxox

We have a great big amazing family,our matriarch, bunches of kids and 14 grandkids and then sisters brothers and nieces and nephews, and all the family we have added to the mix here and there, (this is not daughters in law or sons in law either, they are included in the “kids” bunch) I use to wonder how I could mother my original 5 and now I am thrilled to add many many more to our wee clan! This year we are giving to several wish trees for kids or families in need, we can make a small dent with this and our gift to the family is that it will be done in their names.  I pondered and worried about not being able to make our meager funds stretch to all and then I realized we are Celebrating the birth of Our Lord, and we should share His love now and all year long.  I make every effort to make my family aware of my constant and undying love for them no matter the circumstance mom always loves you..and I’m happy to say that Papa does too. Merriest of Holidays..but most of all Merry Christmas.

No Tree Yet! – it is the second day of December.  I put up lots of other decor but no tree yet.  I haven’t started my Christmas cards either.  Cards will likely be the gift this year, just got a lovely gift for myself $1200 dollar crown (no not a princess) can see it when I smile.  I as rather puzzled by how many people are not getting into the Spirit. Has the world slowly gotten what it wanted all along?  To take God away and ex-spell Jesus too.  We as the Saved have to continue to show the Light of the world to the world.  Celebrating His birth and our rebirth with Him as He sits beside His Father and ours.  So lets get twinkling people! And Remember – It OK to say Merry Christmas!

Come on March! Yes another wedding in this big family. I am so excited, there was a time it would have been for the party and dancing and all that – but there will be loads of my grandkids!   I can see myself running all over the boat with them and just having a blast. When the whole family is together it is as though I am the most whole myself.  If I can just make them all feel loved up, I will be less sad when we have to part, but I will have the joy forever.  Life is about everybody else, I wish all the Colorado, Tx, and Az kiddos were going to be there to, but then I would surely be so happy I’d go straight to heaven, wait I think maybe I would BE in heaven,  I pray over each one of you this day, your needs are met and your wants are few and you value each moment for it will not come back. Look to your future and let the past go forever.  Live as though this is your last day and the first day of your life too, forgive quickly, speak thoughtfully and give generously. God bless you, guide you, comfort you and keep you till we are again together. Love Mom

I got a game request on Facebook from my mom …so I think she is home and better. What a strange life..I see my sister is off to get married ..also on facebook..You know when the Lord may just be on Facebook… It was a good day..Bronco’s won another one and we got a good hike in after church and even managed lunch with Colorado Trav at the Famous Jims Wings in Fort Collins!  Back to work tomorrow and maybe decorate the office for Christmas!

No news, I pray all is well in California today.  No news good news?   Must finish up a whole weeks work today since we’re off Thursday and Friday.  I can do it no problem. Then zip to the store for the green beans for the famous Green Bean Casserole, that’s Megan and the Amazing Hot Cranberries, that’s Amy and the Deviled Eggs that’s T-rav and so on and on, my holiday traditions are living memories – I can remember the kids saying they wanted to keep our traditions and I told them to come up with there own that’s half the fun. They still remember Pizza Wednesday after cub scouts and Hot dogs on Halloween.  I pray all enjoy your traditions and be always Thankful for this great country and the God who put us here.

Mom is ill, I got the call on Sunday – my mom is in the hospital. She has smoked forever and just can’t quit. Now her lungs are in such bad shape she can not stay oxygenated without being in the hospital.  I pray that God heals her enough to get out of there.  I have memories as far back as I can remember of her being sick with this or that.  I truly believe that smoking really is to blame for a lot of it.  She is as addicted to smoking, a person could be to any drug out there.  I just wish who ever gave her that first one wouldn’t have met the person that gave them the first one and so on.  Pray for my mom.  Almost Thanksgiving..

Movie Day.. going to the new “Twilight” movie with my girls today.  So exciting. Woke up to a light snow again..its still on the driveway which means it snowed after my love lift for work at o’dark 30.  Do I shovel?  My back hurts thinking about it..oh whining never got anything but whining done.  We got a replacement TV, our big Sony started to get stars and blue blobs all over Sony sent a new one – remind you the old one was 7 years old. But for less then half price here we go.  I do believe that you almost have to be a rocket scientist to get all the wires plugged into the right places and have a TV and not a toaster when your done.   We did it mostly my love with me standing there trying to stay out of the way and wanting to jump in the middle.  I believe this counts as patience and respect to.  Pat on the back – feeling pretty good for a job will done ( oh I do mean “will” done)..oh my love too..

There is a scripture.. that says – “The mouth speaks from what the heart is full”  If its in your heart it comes out of your mouth.  “The Love of Money is the Root of all evil..the LOVE of Money..not money”  I recently heard folks talking about..”where to find the scripture about giving a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”  I kept trying to tell them it is a Chinese proverb…I finally had to “Google it” to prove it.   And the ever popular..”God helps those who help themselves” – what?  Man is not in control, God helps all who ask, especially those who can’t help themselves.   Those that believe they Can Help Themselves frequently don’t see the need for God.  Just some things I was thinking about today.  The Joy of the Lord is my strength..Seek first the kingdom of God and all his righteousness and all these things will be added to you, “these things” are listed .. Matthew 6:24-34..good reading.

Love, I truly believe that I am finally able to love like God intended.  My husband makes me want to be the best wife ever.  He makes me feel like I am beautiful and sexy and smart and just so loved and adored.  I wish I were able to give this gift to all.  Alas, we all have to get there through the things of this life.  We have both suffered great loss and we have both come to realize that life is short and precious. The love that we have for our children and our grandkids and our friends also is great. I don’t regret the things of my life that have landed me here with this amazing man. I pray and hope that our children will have this love without all the things that we have gone through, but it is so worth it even with ruts and potholes.  Maybe its being 56 or just older or some other unknown factor but this is the best time of my life. Nothing needs to be about me and I have no need for others to be perfect and I can love the imperfect and forgive imperfection from a “I’ve been there – oh ya still there” point of view.  We all make mistakes and we all can learn and go on. We all have the option to forgive and forgive and if not forget at least to remember that ..there but by the Grace of God go I.  Can I get an amen!  I’m trying to love winter …this is hard for me…but of all the things to have trouble with, I think this is good. God Bless..and much love.

Wow! We won the costume contest for the second year in a row! Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 were a big hit and my love won in the high score mens category so fun!  Happy Monday.

Another Saturday, the wind is blowing really hard out there.  We have a fun event to attend today.  Costume bowling..really fun we try to bowl at least our age..get the picture? House is clean and I’m ready to start getting my costume going..maybe tomorrow I’ll post a picture.  Not telling today just in case somebody reads it and knows its me!.  Bought my turkey..trying to gather the Thanksgiving feast a little at a time instead  of my usual 300. bucks and sticker shock!  It will be fun and no price is too high for family fun.

Yea -I was sick!  We’re supposed to give thanks is all circumstances right?  Well I lose 2  1/2 pounds over  Hallelujah…lol   It is a beautiful day crisp outside but the snow on the mountains is quite beautiful.  I feel just fine this morning ..better than that actually..I feel wonderful!  Grandpa Kelly and I each received  thank you cards from the amazing Elijah -to thank us for being the best grandparents ever.  Now I ask you what more does one need.  Yea – I know I’ve said it before..but I love my grandkiddos sooooo much!

It is November – the year has flown by. Thanksgiving and then Christmas, Kelly’s Birthday our anniversary..and we’ll be 1/3 through next year.  All I want ever is for my kids and grandkids to be happy and healthy.  I hope never to see them saddened ever. It is so hard to stand by and watch when they make mistakes. We all make mistakes and we all have the opportunity to learn and grow from them.  This world is in constant flux..we are never really status-quo.  I have lived long enough to  know for a fact nothing stays the same, and the most dire situation or circumstances are often just around the corner from wonderful and beautiful.  Never give up keep trying, keep putting your best foot forward, give others the benefit of the doubt with regard to motives, live and love out loud.  Daily give your love to God and to your family and friends as well. Don’t pass up an opportunity to give someone a compliment or share a chuckle either.  Be God’s love here as often as you can. If you keep the cups of others full they will be able to fill yours when its your turn..and it will be your turn.

Happy Halloween all we have our bags and bags of candy and the scary pumpkin at the door.  TV has a pause so we can do the constant interruptions..we’re ready.  I though about a costume but I think I will just be me.  Watch out for the kiddo’s tonight and remember what is was like when you were a kid. Hope its Spook-tacular!

When did anger leave? I remember having so much anger. I remember I needed to defend myself and be right. I was not going to have anybody tell me what to do, I didn’t say it to anyone I would just get around doing whatever..passive resistance.  Somewhere out there I decided I don’t have to be angry or defensive or even passive.  I can finally be me.  Finding that person who just gets you, is the key.  Allowing others to be themselves, to not need to be taken care of but allowing it with joy because you love and value another. Wanting always to out give and always feeling like your loosing. What Joy is that, great Joy.  I believe that anger and fighting and arguing are all symptoms of  feeling out of control, controlled, or not getting your way.  Why is it that we can’t all be able to say, I hear you and I choose..?  It is when one or the other wants something and can’t get it  Instead of seeing that the situation is what it is, often we wail against the obstacle instead of going around or in a different direction.  This is not political it is personal.  Life without strife is possible.  It is all choices.

My life is richer, so much richer- I have so much silver and gold in my life.  Those who have been purified by the refining fire till they reflect Gods face.  Those who are being refined, the heat turned up and the impurities slowly floating to the top and being skimmed away.  When the heat goes up we just have to remember that we are being continually refined – that it is a good thing, that we are always in God’s hands.  I think we are often hoarders of past and failure and we just keep stacking it in our minds till good and light can barely get in.  It is a slow process to clean stuff out but it can be done and is done everyday. The thing with sin is we hold on to the shame long after it is gone. The trick is to literally frisk every thought at your minds door. Set up a guard and be vigil.  We have the choice to live a happy life no matter the circumstances no matter how blessed we are or that we have to think hard to find blessings. Being able to think, is a blessing.  Don’t fix your eyes on what is seen but what is Eternal. I truly believe that ll Cor. guides my life.  I believe that every word in the Bible was written just for me and just for you.  A love letter from God.

Today I am smiling, what a great weekend with the kids. We can’t stop telling funny stories and laughing still this morning. It is so special to know that those you love know you love them.  To know you will always welcome them with a big hug and have one in return.  This is what life is about, doesn’t matter the past we are in this gift, (the present) and loving every minute of it.  No worries, I just wish my Seany was home in this country again. He will be soon – I need to hug him real good too.  My heart just swells when I see pictures of the grandkids smiling and growing and changing – they are everyone so loved. What a gift children are and Grand children all the more..can great grand kiddos be even better..I can wait to find out…lol.  Thank you Lord for your blessings and your grace and your strength in times of momentary troubles. Thank you for the inward renewal day after day.

What a Great Day! – Talked to both my Trav’s this morning and texted with my Breckin.  Can’t wait for the fun this weekend.  All are well and happy.  Miss Meg has posted a Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon on her FaceBook page.  She has been a supporter of this cause for a very long time.   Thank God it is not because one of us had to go through this terrible thing, that seems to be what gets people motivated to back a cause.  I have tried to give to things that I don’t ever want to have touch the lives of my family – kind of in a ward of evil thing.   Just saying.

This web, not spider web..the internet.  People are starting businesses and the possibilities are endless. Like  – the cutest jewelery and so reasonably priced and with no real shop to heat, light, and stock..the profit margin can still be great.  Check out doodadtidbits – and by the way I already bought the brooch..Have a great day.

Looking forward to a fun weekend, family around and a birthday to celebrate.  It is good to have distractions to keep my mind off the speedy approach of winter.  I think that is why so many big holidays are in the winter. Not complaining thrilled really – love to have the family and friends around..the more the merrier~

Early morning, still dark outside and still see the stars.  Having my coffee and just getting this day going.  I am so fortunate, I have a good job and so many people are unemployed or under-employed.  It takes its toll on every day when you are literally trusting God for everything. The difference is we seem to act with more faith when we feel like we’re somewhat in control. I have grown in faith during times of trouble. I had to really work at being faithful when times are good, we can get very comfortable  with our lives when we don’t feel forced to our knees by poverty – whether it be financial or spiritual.   If we can learn to linger on our knees and terry in prayer with honor and thanks giving whatever our situation, life will be more mountain top-esk and less down in the valleys.  Its worth it grass hopper!  Trust God in all things and give thanks in all things for this is Gods growing you up strong and true.

It is raining  – and snowing in some parts of Colorado.  We are cleaning up messes and cleaning out drawers and doing projects. The music is playing and were warm and happy at home.  Maybe I will put out the pieces of this and that which I have put into the freezer for a soup. Crock pot cooking that’s the ticket for a rainy day.  I’m ready old cards and looking at pictures what joy in these things.  We have a whole weekend together we are going to sit in the hot tub in the rain later too…have to put my wine in a sippy cup so it doesn’t get wet. It will be our mini vacation..can you believe we have been all these years…lol

Another Sunday, I am so aware of time passing. My love is working again today, I so wish he could have time to rest.  I look at the pictures of my kids and grand-kids on Facebook and miss them so much it hurts.  While I am so  thankful for Facebook at the same time it really lends itself to making us all lazy. I don’t want to make all my birthday wishes “Cyberly” , if that is indeed a word.  I love the instant communication of texting but again it seems like its very passive communication.  I think I am concerned about interrupting someone’s life with a call.  I have had many instances where something I wrote caused someone to get angry or hurt ..really one in the same so often.  Inflection is almost impossible, short of LOL after every sentence.  This is the communication system now, so I need to make it work for me.  I do not intend to be left behind like some older folks that still don’t have a cell phone, or some other  device that most can’t live Tivo!   I am thankful that while I am very much attached at the hip to my technology I love to get out and see the world and to share my life with others in person. I always think of the country song I think its called “I’m much taller online” something like that.  I met my wonderful husband on and I could write for weeks about the experience I had with online dating!  That may be it folks!

I have been considering my writing and what I want to accomplish. I’m toying with lots of ideas but have not settled on anything just yet.  Maybe some Bible trivia, like how many times does Jesus break bread and feed 100’s..hint..more than once.  Or the origin of the Physicians symbol?  Or what does it mean “heaping hot coals on your enemies head” sounds awful..but..its actually good.  Did you know it had never rained before, when Noah built the Ark ?  … or I could give out my Ty’s hints for baking, cleaning, gardening or my favorite decorating.   I shall think on these things and pray and we shall see..feel free to try to find the answers to the biblical query’s and I will provide the answers soon.

About -My Life, if you’re reading my About section you may have noticed I’ve stopped in About 3 ..I’m still formulating and thinking and I will get back to it soon. You can leave me a message if you’ve reached the end and I will get on the job again.

Life is so short, when I see how hard my love works, it makes me both proud and sad.  I wish I could wave a magic wand and have him be a man of some leisure at least.. 7 days a weeks for weeks in a row, he is finally getting tuckered out.  I pray God grant him rest when he sleeps, peace in his day, and joy in his home. I am so very thankful for this wonderful man. He truly is in control of that one body part that is the downfall of the most of us…the tongue.  He speaks no ill will, he holds his tongue unless he has good to say, he surprises me constantly by being the voice of reason and a cool head.  What a gift he is to me and the whole family.

What Joy! – I talked to two of my sons and spent the day with a third.  It is so uplifting to talk to the boys and hear how much they love their kids and family, even political opinions. It is good that they have grown up as individuals, who think on their own and make informed decisions even if they are different then mine. They know what they believe and why, very commendable.  I got to sit with my son and listen as he encouraged his sister, by helping her to see how smart and capable  she is, it was so wonderful, the road to this college degree is actually doing something!  I am so proud of him, and his sister and my granddaughter and her boyfriend who also joined us for dinner, which came out great. We talked about everything from Vampire TV shows to Dinosaurs.  We laughed so much, to me that is a perfectly wonderful outcome for an evening with family. Thank you lord for this great memory and the blessing our big family continually is.

Fall is upon us, I know it is not supposed to be here yet..but I know it’s here.  I placed the Fall wreath on the door and will start putting out my Fall decor today too.  My sweet had to work on Saturday and now is off to work again today, this of course means he will work a minimum 13 days in a row and probably more like 20.  He says there are lots of people looking for work and he will be happy that he is employed.  I love that man, miss him – but love him so much. Dinner with family tonight, I prepped and prepared yesterday so that I can just enjoy them.  I dangerously, prepared a new dish..but they’er least they know I can usually cook- if this dish bombs.  If they love it, I’ll post it here.  Its “Pizza Casserole”  we’ll see.  Have a wonderful day, off to church for me.

Thankful, I want to be thankful every day.  We don’t know if we will go through this day and make it to bed tonight.  We take it for-granted, like when we flip a light switch we will have light. By starting my day with a note to you it makes me more aware that we are not just willy nilly going about life but we are in and out of the lives of others I think of intersecting circle like the Olympic symbol. Our circles co-mingle for moments in time.  I want to make sure mine is always welcoming and happy.  I have no needs other than to grow ever closer to God and to enjoy and encourage my family, some are blood others are gifts all are my heart. If your reading this your probably very special to me on some level. My heart has become almost like a honeycomb, with delicious compartments all tightly held together safely, sweetly, protected. My prayer today is that each one of you is thankful and grateful for the wonder of this country and our salvation, and our wonderful big family.

God sees the world linearly, its true. God sees where we started and where we are and where we’re going and …where we end up.  Like a treasure map He wants us to get to the treasure in the end – but He wants us to experience a treasure filled life along the way. God refers to His Son and the “Pearl of great value”. We need to hide it safely in our hearts in the form of His Spirit and “He” who is also the “Light’ will guide us through these Earthly travels on a mission only He knows.  Every person and situation has value we need always to be aware that life doesn’t just go along with no reason or purpose, don’t miss an opportunity to give away God’s love. When we’re down, and we all are down sometimes, go help someone in someway, encourage, uplift, give joy and laughter and Pray.  As we fill each others cups – so our’s is filled.

I’m the only one in the world, when I was young I went through a time where I believed that the rest of the world didn’t go on unless I was on the scene. Literally that I was the center of the universe. God was always there but seemed to be just distantly observing. This scared me terrible, even though I thought this, I didn’t want the non-people to know it. I felt so separated from the rest of matter in every form. This was I believed, a form of protection, maybe even instinctual. If I stay completely separated from people and even animals I would be safe. It was in fact a bondage to an unseen force.  In my “About” posts you can see some on the reasons for this – well in fact all the reasons for this.  Until I invited others into my life and embraced life and let go of fear, I was in my own private hell.  I believe that makes the wicked in this world very happy.  Because I have a lot of insight and much compassion.  The things of my past have now produced  tools that are able to loose others from their bonds.  The biggest is Love, then Joy, Humor, Listening, Sharing, Encouraging, Uplifting.  All this backed up with Prayer, & the release of (per-sieved) power in all situations to God. He has safely brought me through Fires of all sorts which gives me this gift. My story is told at every opportunity that no one is left shackled in the horror of Alone.

Eat to live? I’m more of a “live it up – EAT!” My best rewards are food my best times are around food my best skills involve food. Thankfully its the reward for a 10 hour hike or a good job in garden…With the occasional get together with family for Holidays, Birthdays, Sundays, I guess I’m a celebrator.  I love to wish people Happy Monday, a very little celebrated event.  My blog has been great for illuminating  my life to me. If you just write without censor and then go back and read over days and weeks at a time, patterns emerge.  Mine is God, my family, and my weight.  While I am not heavy in the pounds sense I believe it is the remnant of my control in my life when all else was out of my control.  It still is out of my control -God is in control and I like it that way.   Celebrate people! – for the day belongs to the lord, we act as though we are humans on a spiritual journey but we are spiritual beings on a brief human journey.  We’re all on our way to Eternal life somewhere.

What can we live without? – from the beginning of time to now…this has changed with each generation.  When my computer was out of commission for a day..I was just lost.  It has caused me to ponder the things that have come and gone. Party lines,Phone Booths, cordless phone, land lines, cell phones, and now to smart phones – and we toy with computers, smaller or larger, internet or ethernet. We resist being tied down and incumbered in every form.  It is easier and faster to have a Kendal what ever the book what ever the time as long as there’s ethernet!  Whats coming next?


2 thoughts on “Events, current and otherwise

  1. Ty! I am so there with you regarding your dad listening to the news. I clearly remember my dad listening to the KSBY nightly news AND reading the newspaper at the same time, and yelling at us to be quiet because he couldn’t hear the tv news. I remember thinking – how can he hear the news when he’s reading the paper. Now, I listen to the news about 4 hours of the day and some days, CNN is on all day.

    I’m also with you on the “Don’t get me started” on that moron Governor we just got rid of.


  2. Hi Ty, Thank you for sharing your life story with such honesty and hope. I could not stop reading until I had finished what you had written. Your story is a beacon of hope to those who have suffered abuse and tragedy. Praise God for His power and love that reaches the dark places of our hurting hearts.

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