Click Comments at the top right side of the page and tell me what you think! – Means –  “tell me what you think”  If you have been following this crazy maze that is Ty-land, you know that I am having some issues with getting a little older and my body deciding that the way things have always worked, will no longer be the way things work!  No new plan for a new way to proceed just the old ways are gone.  I want to run and play with the grandkids, and I do – then the knees get mad.  I want to eat the crazy junk food – then the gut gets mad.  I want to wear the bright toe nail polish and -my eyes get mad, because my hands won’t keep the polish on the nails and off the skin and the floor.   I try to be involved in conversations and I have to say a lot of “that guy” off “that show” about “that thing” – then I get mad.  Darn brain! – filing system is so messed up.  Put the toothpaste on the toothbrush and then……ahh..what do I do?  No..not in my hair..you see what I mean.  Pulled a bunch of weeds and tried to throw them into the deep freeze..only noticed because the frozen pizza sounded good for lunch.  If you think about it and you remember..leave me a comment..am I the only one the aliens sucked the brains out of…

Ok- I’m so excited! This is not for everyone but for those it is for will be very happy.  I have been going along thinking that I am suffering from some sort of irritable bowel or something. It is terrible worrisome to not be able to go.  So I got online today looking up things that help with constipation – Celery! Little did I know I had stumbled upon some help just trying to drop some of the winter blubber.  Very high in fiber and vitamin K also. I have had three days of progress and I have lost 1/2 a pound also.  When I started researching I found that several men and women in their late 50’s all of a sudden turned into “deer-poopers” – pellets – that is what they said. LOL  The consensus is split 2/3 celery and 1/3  found brown rice to be just the ticket. Happy days for me!

Another week almost gone, time seems to fly now.  We made some great memories, I have flat Stanley visiting from Texas. He is a flat guy who was sent to Colorado by my grandson Mattie.  So far he has gone to work with me and to work with papa we will take him snow shoeing before he goes home with his tale of his visit with Grandma and Papa.  We will make sure he has some good pictures to share.

What a lovely time we had ,the wedding was so fun. What fun we had with the favors. Cut out mustaches and eyeglasses and lips so fun mugging for the camera. I watched my grandkids dance and have fun and my kids have fun and my family and friends too. I danced and had so much fun.  I got to see my sisters and hug them and take our usual picture all in a row doing a leg shot! My most favorite Mario, the most steady man in our lives for as long as I can remember, he is much loved by all I hope he always knows it.  I needed this so much, nothing like making sure the babies know who I am and have great memories to.  I am so blessed, God knows I don’t deserve this amazing and wonderful family but I am thankful for every smile and every tear happy and sad. We love and live and laugh..

I am so excited to see the kids and grands!! I wonder if anyone ever was this excited to see me or loved me this much. I drove my co-worker crazy today I told her the time every 15 minutes and she was begging me to go home before noon. I stuck it out till almost 3:30 that is only 1/2 hour early.  I tell you I am some kind of determined!  I’m going to run to those kiddo’s who are screaming “Grandma!”  – I will be screaming “Chase, Blake, Reed, Hailey, Lily, Henry, Ryland”..and then pass out when they pile on top of me..they know I’m packing gifts!  This is the life…I will of course need to sit with their folks and drink some red wine like a grown up..but We’re having a sleep over in Grandma’s room ..shhhhhhhh..don’t tell papa its a surprise.

Wednesday morning!  So it was 70 on Tuesday and 60’s on Monday and wallah today…wait for it…..S N O W… ugh!!!  Hey friends pray for me, I have to be on the prayer vigil today  one for patience, another physical healing, the next emotional healing, another for calm and peace, two for driving mercies today, and pray for safe cars and planes and boats too (the wedding is on The River King) this weekend for the big wedding! Oh and the bride asks for a beautiful day!  Thanks for your support.

Click Comments at the top right side of the page and tell me what you think!

Day one, up early to exercise.  So far I’ve played Angry Birds, Bejeweled, and Slotomania!  To be fair I have been stretching in between and had a cup of coffee with cinnamon, oh and I did put clothes in the wash. Got up at 6 and now its 7, not a bad start. As long as I can walk away…just get up and walk away….ok and I’m walking….ok I really need to do more of an arm work out!  I will be checking in daily as I prepare for some R&R..man I need it work work work! Those Angry birds can’t kill pigs by themselves.!

Ok, better – so the count down to vacation is one week now.  So eyebrows , Pedi, Mani, teeth whitening, freshen up hair color, waxing, lift weights twice a day till Friday, pressing, hair and make up scheduled in Sac, eat celery for the next 7 days.  Should I pack my tiara? Shopping for grand kid goodies this weekend.  So we can just step off the plane and just be naturally breathtaking!  – Whew I’m out of breathe just thinking about it.  Shhh!  -its a secret what goes into my natural look.

Just caring on upcoming trip to California, working hard, got a great haircut, kid soon to graduate from college and start his life out there in the big world.  Friend recovering from surgery much better then expected, planning an AZ trip in July.  Grandkids coming in June, so many exciting things that I hardly even worry about cleaning my car or making the bed or even taking a shower…yes  you got it …why would I be depressed?  My child is in jail. I want so bad to take him and shake him and tell him to straighten up!  Can’t do that.  I just keep praying that God will heal him and grant me Peace and Grace to just love God and my child through this.

About..”About” – I am going to get started on the next segment of the About story.  Many things have occurred since the time I left you in my life.  So many unimaginable things both good and bad.  My everyday life has finally gotten to a place where I am daily happy.   When things that are less then wonderful happen I can navigate the feelings and truths and come out ok on the other side.  The things that make up what is of great value and worthy of my time and energy are much more easily recognized , now that I have my Gift and he is always steady and true.

Bo Derek-10 is all of a sudden on so many programs. I always wonder, where was she and  does she know someone who is getting her some work? It seems so often that we see some face from yesteryear’s and then find out they are ill, like one last hurrah I do hope this is not the case with Bo.  She is famous for a shake of wet cornrows. I suppose there are those who noticed the bathing suit too.  What about me… what am I famous for? I know of so many things that I would not want to see the light of day.  I made a lot of bad choices, some just beyond my control to see I had options, but still my choices.  None are wasted as long as something is learned and I can use my failures to the benefit of someone else. Sometimes I see a life righted or at least back on track just from the knowledge that someone else has struggled or failed and tried again.  We have an enemy who wants our failures to cripple and stop us.  We have a savior who is slow to anger, quick to forgive and has loved us before we knew Him.

Joy? – don’t let it be fleeting from me today.  When you carry your child inside you and wonder and worry and wait to meet the little miracle. You never look into the future and see that child as an adult spiraling into the abbess of drug abuse.  Your heart could not conceive of not being there for your child no matter what, only to see that child abandon their own sweet child to get loose from this world and run straight into the arms of hell its self.  I just keep praying for us all, because it is not just this perfect boy but this boy and his brothers and sister and all attached now to this family. Even the grandchildren will be ever affected  I see those around me who share that they too had a life of drugs and crime that is past now. I pray that my child will be able to say one day that it was his past and that he made it through.  I keep my Joy, because this world is not the end. God promises ever lasting Joy when he comes back for us. All sadness, and  tears and even death will be wiped away. We will be with the Lord for longer then this earth has been in existence.  These shorts days of trouble will be forever gone. Keep my eyes forward Lord and help me be an over comer.  Thank you and Praise your name forever.

Angry Birds? Beware – who knew what an addicting silly game this was. I can just zone out and play ..what is going on in the background?  Do these companies make money somehow by me playing for hours?  Are they going through my personal information? It is really scary what we don’t know..and in this case I believe what we don’t know can hurt us.  Home from work with a cold, I would love to be at work but nobody wants to catch this cough.  I can’t go for a hike or a walk even, stupid cough.  Pay bills, watch tv, read a book, I should be happy as a clam.  I will get something accomplished today and it won’t be Computer games! .( I hope.

What an unforgettable Val a Versary.  Snow shoeing and hot tubing and just enjoying.  We even had a big bull elk hanging around outside the cabin.  A big fire every night and laughing and just having a wonderful time.  We have a tradition of buying some memento to put on the Christmas tree , this time we found a Christmas store in Feb! and got a snow snow-shoe Santa.  Back to work..with a smile on my face!

Beautiful Morning!  My amazing and wonderful husband told me to come straight home from work today – I work half day, and pack my snow shoe stuff and a bag to go away for the weekend!  I am so excited.  I miss him so much, we are working hard and so tired lately that we have just not had much us time.  Frozen pizza in the fridge for the college kid, so I don’t have to worry about him starving.  Tossed my jeans in the wash on my way out the door, since I won’t be home to do laundry this weekend.  Yahoo, it is so great to walk all over the mountains and look at the sights.   I love that wonderful man so much.  Thank you Lord!

The snow, looked like we were inside a snow globe all day Friday.  Snow was blowing and drifting and just looked like a snow globe being shaken.  I read and watched tv, and looked at the snow. I saw a show where it was raining ..I was suddenly aware of how totally different the two are, snow is soft rain is soft to but rain is more calming to me. Rain goes away and snow stays.  Then there is ice and slipping and sliding and cold!  Oh but find a better subject, we get our taxes done on Monday.

So the new year is underway, gathering tax stuff. Trav will graduate in a couple months and hopefully get started on a life of his own.  Hard time for this comma but – I know he will do just great. The weather is toying with us..nice then freezing then hot..we use to say in California, if you don’t like the weather just wait a minute, it will change..I think this place beats that.  I look forward to warm, shorts, sandals, and sunglasses!

I’m headed for the showers, good weekend and back to work today.  Snow shoeing on Sunday and really love to push myself, too far maybe 8 miles in snow shoes..I limped the last 2 miles, but I kept up a fast pace till the last half mile. ICE everywhere at the bottom, Feet, left knee and of all things natures call. Now that’s a motivator!  So this week should be great!

Anybody else down right now? I stay pretty much up all the time, but I guess my cup is getting a little low.  I was at a big ladies night out function and there were literally hundreds of women there. They were doing make up and hair and nails they had chocolaty treats and I wondered around by myself sort of lost.  I stayed till the end and drove home in silence, just not what I expected or something.  My best friend is too far away and I just need some regroup time.  I even saw some ladies sitting alone and I thought about going over and sitting with them and engaging them in conversation, but – I have to get out of this frump!  So my plan today it to go take a 5 mile hike, or walk or whatever I can muster. Then put a good clean on this house followed by dinner prep and a long hot shower to be fresh and up to greet my love when he comes home from 6 days straight of work.  No reason for this!  Snap out of it woman!

Thursday, it was short week and I’m exhausted!  Lots of work to do and my computer decided to go out.  Shocking how little can be accomplished without that big game box!  We said goodbye to a fellow employee, I hated to see this happen but I pray she will move on to something better for her.  Out to Mexican food last night I got home and unloaded the groceries and just was to tired to do anything.  My love got dressed and took me and the kiddo out to dinner.  I love that man, and that kiddo too!

The debate was good last night, down to 5 now.  I think Newt really pulled out all the stops.    Poor Paul was not in his best form.  I have no idea what will happen, one thing for sure I’m no Oracle.  Snowed last night, my thoughts were with my children all day, talked to my grand daughter for a half hour or so.  What a doll, I miss our tea parties.  I have pictures of my grand babies all over the house, they prompt me to pray for them and just bask in fun memories.  I love so much being part of a big family.  Thank you god for the blessings of this big family.

It was a good game! The 49’ers  wow, I’m glad we got to see it.  Broncos played hard but no win this time.  Tebow is still excited and looking forward with excitement to the coming training camp when he can be fine tuned and molded into what he wants to be. Love the attitude.  I remember telling my boys when they were playing football, when they would come home after a big win and say the other team stunk or something, I would tell them to put the other team down did nothing to elevate their win. If fact it lessened it.  It was good fun to sit with my husband and root the team on – they played with heart and kept going right to the end.  I pray all who were injured mead quickly and with no lasting injuries.

Believe- Tebow?  Well I hope the Bronco’s do it again, what a season and what amazing games.  I bet if we heard Tebow’s prayers they  would be ones of praise and thanksgiving. I’m sure that this young man is as godly as he appears. Funny, people are saying things like, “I’m sure God doesn’t have time for football” – God has all the time in the world, literally.  He is not pressured or pressed for time or having any trouble keeping his flock under his wing.  Hes God people!  I think God would grant victory over all kinds of things and he certainly is pleased when we obediently come to him about everything.  When we know that all good gifts come from God and we realize he has counted the hairs on our head and knew us while we were growing in the womb of our mother.  We should all be bowing  down often giving praise and  thanks and asking for guidance.  Nothing we do is of our own power but every breath is a gift from God..whew! That takes a lot of the pressure off.

Wondering, I know I have spent so much time in my life being wounded or sad or angry over things that have happened around me, to me and by me.  I have said in my heart that so much was not my fault but that of others.  That really only takes the light off of the things that are my fault or responsibility.  How could I have done any better, I was already handicapped to start out. Yet handicapped people can and so very well in this world. People with real handicaps not the self imposed ones I have decided to blame my misfortune on.  I am so rich, I have a brain, health, family and stuff but most of all God’s love and the love of my friends and family.   Here I am now soon to be 56 years old, and now realize that all the fighting and kicking and screaming and crying and blaming and trying to be in control – was such a waste of time.  I worked with animals in a medical setting and how often did we get bit by a dog or cat or bird that didn’t realize we were trying to help.  We kick against God sometimes because it doesn’t seem right to us, but we have no understanding of this world or the next if we continue to think we have any control of people or things and don’t trust God to lead the way. If we are going our own way we are NOT going Gods way. I pray still that God will bless my children with forgiveness for their mother. I love them so much and appreciate them unbelievably I am so proud  they all have their own strengths and I pray they embrace their lives and families with all the love and joy possible.

2012 has so much promise.

There are many areas that are dark and sad – I choose to see that there is a way for me to make a difference.  I can be the light and the help for a little one that was not there for me.  It won’t be easy but it will be a blessing. I pray God grant me patience and wisdom. I pray for understanding and abilities beyond myself.  I pray that our household will be the most blessed and safe and happy for all who enter.  Many wonderful things are scheduled to happen in 2012 – God willing and a few things that are unscheduled and unforeseen.  With my wonderful husband to steady my heart and hold my hand we will have a blessed year no matter what occurs.


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