2012 ….

Ok UNCLE – I tried to stay away from politics for a whole week, so 10 hours later..can’t take it. I’m so happy for some good weather but I would switch right now to November and get this Vote on!!

Grills rolled out – burgers tonight!  I got some freckles today, just walking to the mailbox.

2nd anniversary of the Obama Care Mandate….funny no celebration, although I hear those flags with Obama’s face on them – you know the ones made in China…yes they are hanging outside placed where the people are happy about the whole thing..hmmm? Have you seen any of them in your neighborhood?  – Ya..me neither..go figure.  I just hope that the Supreme Court can see the lack of support and the lack of legality for this terrible crime…fingers crossed   Prayers till Monday!

Snow in Arizona! My friend posted a picture of snow on cactus …damn global warming!  Very cool , no pun intended, picture.  We have two more weddings and two college graduations oops, 3 one is for the twin nieces!  and the hoop-la that goes along with all that.  Shopping, and planning it will be a very busy Spring and Summer.  My mind is on the yard and the flowers and time outside!!!

St. Patrick’s Day! or St Patricks Day…hmmm The cook’n of the cabbage and the corned beef and potatoes and onions and carrots, a hefty scoop of horseradish on the side – a proper feast..oh and not to forget the Irish soda bread too.  The house is already filling with the scent of this tasty pot of goodness. The Chieftans are playing loud and the day is bright and beautiful. A bit of Irish luck to all today and may your pot’o gold be sitting at your feet by night fall.


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