Just say’n

I am wondering why anyone would reject love.  I can’t imagine someone reaching out to me and me not just giving them comfort and love.  It is so easy, we don’t know how long we will walk this earth, don’t miss an opportunity. Just say’n

It is again the end of the weekend. We went out to just be silly and have some fun last night and we were a success on all accounts. We laughed and laughed.  It was like a mini vacation, May the 4th…everybody was out celebrating.  Oh- Cinco de Mayo, funny as macho and all that as Mexico is ..and this is a celebration for an 1842 victory in a battle  by one Mexican state, with the French…who couldn’t beat the French..I swear we will use any excuse to celebrate.

Worked hard this weekend, both my gift and I are sore.  It is a gentle, or not so gentle reminder that we are getting a little older. Just a little older.   I am continually amazed and totally just in the dark sometimes about things that happen in this life that have gone on forever and I just didn’t notice. Nothing dark or clandestine just life things. I suppose that lots of things aren’t seen till you reach a certain age, like puberty only ..it closer to pre-geriatric…or something. Body changes, the amount of activity it takes to burn of calories just about doesn’t make it worth eating.  Don’t even worry I’m eating just avoiding the mirror, or store windows, or shadows.  Alas, all will get back to where it belongs before this side of winter is over.

I have started to “Tweet”  and it has really been eye opening.  When I read what is being said by and about black Americans, I really draw the line at Americans – not African or Muslim or any other subgroup description to American. I was fortunate to have been born here I believe a blessing from God.  People who come to this country voluntarily should be here to be Americans, not to try to change this to any other country but to celebrate the freedoms we have and the ability to live in peace.  I found myself fearful of those who are saying to burn out “whitie”  or some other way more course language.  When I see writing by angry people who are trying to get others angry and to try to rally them to burn their neighborhoods, why would they burn their own neighborhoods and towns?  How does this type of destruction fix anything?  I have never hurt a person or slandered a person black , white , brown or any other color I do not believe I am better then any other color and I don’t believe I am more deserving or less deserving.  Unfortunately my children have not been able to get scholarships to college and sometimes job preference because they are white with blonde hair and blue eyes. They kept going and paid their own way and are now better for it.   If – and it certainly is – If it is wrong to discriminate against color it shouldn’t matter what the color is.  I saw several folks black and white saying that we need to stop giving the hostile groups  so much news coverage because that only makes them look as though they are greater in numbers and that their speech is that of all black people.  I realize this is true, mostly because the white supremacy groups are no more the group that represents white people or their thoughts then these black panthers are the voice of all or even most or a lot of black Americans. Just say’n

Just Say’n if we can always assign others with the same motives that we feel we have, ie good and kind and caring.  We will find we have less anger, hurt and discontent in our lives.  I have heard it said that if we are distrustful of others …we are ourselves not trustworthy.  Not so say I, one learns to be distrustful by being hurt by someone trusted.  Sometimes greedy has a similar root, if we need had not got or were cheated we can become greedy.  These examples are in the negative.  Conversely if you have been mistreated you know how it feels and would never want to do it to anyone else.  If you have been angry you can see why people would be angry and you can choose not to return anger for anger. I know that a kid that dresses outrageously and  counter culturally often feels like the cultural norm has discarded them so they discard back.  More than we know are just covering and protecting themselves with what in the end causes so many to keep them at arms distance, which is in fact the desired affect. There is nothing more freeing then the day when I was able to be vulnerable and  open for the first time. People on the whole have no idea what is going on in the head of a person who ends up on the outs, anymore than the outsider can tell them.

If we decide in advance of any situation that we will be Glad and Rejoice in it, we will be blessed.  God is not the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus, he is God. We experience disappointments and think god let us down or something equally incorrect.  We don’t know what the plan is, cut your foot and go to the hospital and uplift someone in the lobby.  Lose your drivers licence and go to the motor vehicle dept. and encourage one of the employees that gets abused all day everyday and can’t for some odd reason get or keep a good attitude.  Things happen all around us every day and we are probably not aware of how many times we influence people either good or bad.  If you can remember the next time someone is short with you to smile and give them some “son-shine” it might be for the only time that day, and it could start a chain reaction on angel kisses. Just Say’n


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