NOT MAY 14TH! – July 23 2012.  Got a picture on FaceBook of my sisters and brothers all together …without me!  They all look so happy. I am happy for them too I don’t have to be there for it to be perfect right?… I love the pictures anyway.  Ended my day sitting in the hot tub with two grand kiddos 2 & 4 having a diving contest..I was the judge..ha.   Slept like a rock and ready for another week of work..its a great life.

Again it is Not Monday...but here I am again.  Another first son off to the war once again. I try to just stay positive.  He posted a picture all decked out in his “off to the big sand” outfit..ala guns and boots and the whole thing.  That makes me just a bit queasy. Be safe all you fine young people God Speed back to our shores again.  June 13

Recovery is possible..why do people who are trying to help those addicted to drugs or alcohol, ever put it into the minds of those they are there to help – that it is a life sentence? Recovery is possible, Celebrate Recovery is an organization started by Saddle back  church in California.  God centered gatherings that instill the knowledge of God’s healing power.  Day by day and moment by moment working toward the day that those who have taken solace in substances can be the comfort and point the direction to help those trying to get out of the darkness.  Recovery is possible.

NOT MONDAY –  just so you know – today is not Monday.  It is a wonderful Wednesday.  The weather is not 100 like on Tuesday it is a terrific 58.   The rest of the country and even here today are heated up to no end.  That our President would put us into this position with the rest of the world and wipe out our country as much as he possible can.  Please Vote!  If you want to vote for more of this, I plead with you that you really think it through, but vote people!

It is Monday,  a very Special Monday – Memorial Day 2012 – One son off to Tx freshly graduated from college.  One soon to deploy to that great sand pile somewhere out there, another deep in his search for the path home and he is finally on the road.  Two are working on the delicate dance of entwining hearts and lives, another strongly building his family as they all  embrace God’s love and council. Whether its is California, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, or Louisiana my heart reaches out and seeks to give prayers, comfort, laughter and Love as my heart is constantly swelling with pride and joy for this great family that is richly blessed by the heritage of loving God and the sacrifice of military service to this great nation. God bless this USA and this great clan too!

It is Monday, we had Graduation for one son and found out another one Graduated last week and didn’t want to make a big deal out of it!  Mother’s Day was awesome.  Sushi! – always a favorite.  I pray young son can find a job soon, he needs some distraction and the money wouldn’t hurt either. Yea! another Monday.


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