Steve Franken dead at 80

Steve Franken – Who? Dobie Gillis -who? I know I’ve just majorly dated myself. He also played in Bewitched doing several different characters. To watch an actor from your childhood be old is just wrong! When I saw Clint Eastwood last night on the RNC I was again stunned that great man has gotten older too. This all means that I also must have gotten older, worse than that doctors are getting younger, and it appears children are driving. There are so many things that have become out dated and forgotten when did a phone become your computer, camera, book, bank, TV, Radio, GPS, Weigh coach/diet calculator and your instant contact with any and everybody. When you pass 50 it seems like 80 is screaming down the pike at rocket speed. Less time ahead then behind, more sense then ever, more aches, and the blessing of a memory that remembers years back better then minutes back. Age well my friends!


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