Snow…here it comes again.  Woke to snow this morning mostly just on top of the cars outside, but that is how it starts.  My little granddaughter said, “Grandma lets go play in it!”  , “I think the neighbors will get upset if we crawl around on top of their car.” , “Lets wait till it is pilled up on the lawn, then we’ll go play in it”   Ok get your wits about you woman!  …..leave early for work drive slow don’t tail gate and remember to put the “stay back driver CHEWS… bumper sticker on ..then maybe they will not tailgate me.  Take extra socks, my coat, gloves, hat, scarf, extra water and possible jerky if I get snow in somewhere, oh and my Kindle and a flash light oh and extra batteries…oh boy I just Love the snow…( eye twitches, and nervous smile passes quickly..almost a flash across lips…beads of sweat start to form) oh yes refill Prozac.  Have a good one people.


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