Election Day 2012

This day has taken just forever to get here. I have such high hopes for a change of president. But mostly I hope that the country will come roaring back. We are in such a bad place that it is hard to believe we will be able to pull out of this mess in any sort of speedy manner. I am excited and frightened at the same time for the outcome this very evening. I pray that the president will be gracious and make and effort to reunite the country and stop his consistent wedge driving. Not talking about golf either. This man that we hope will become our 45 president has an amazing ability to turn businesses around. I have still some wonder about his faith and at the same time I see his compassion and ability. I know there have been presidents that were Christian in name only which really is even worse. Just a few thoughts, I pray that no matter the outcome – there is no violence – and those who have said we need to give the president a chance will follow their own advice, as I intend to do.


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