I’m Listening Lord….

When things seems insurmountable I find myself just stilled, sometimes. I’m not frozen with fear or indecision I’m waiting, and listening. I will read my Bible and pray and just pour out my heart to God and cry and even sing. God says, be still and wait. I am not one to wait,or to be still I like to jump in and do something. I think be still and wait is hard because I feel like I’m not doing anything to help. Ahh, now I see. I am not able or qualified to help. I just need to send out my prayer to the only one who can help and trust that what God will do is the best thing even when it feels wrong to me. I frequently come back to the example of the tapestry with the knots and frays on the bottom and the threads going this way and that tied to each other and tucked here and there. What a mess. God sees the beautiful creation that appears on the top. How often have I looked at people and thought, wow that person has an easy wonderful life. If I had to walk in their shoes and see how they became them, I might be very surprised. So I will read the word which is alive and working and I will work diligently and say, “I am listening Lord”


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