40 days

40 days is mentioned aprox 22 times in the Bible. Raining, fasting, walking, being tempted, fasting, waiting. While it is very interesting that 40 days is the test , I can’t help but wonder about day 41. On day forty one what happened. Walls fell down, rain stopped, feasting began. This is why when I am going through troubled waters I keep my eyes way down the road as much as possible. For God is going with me and He is waiting at the end of troubles to. Along the way I learn how to stay on the right path not the center and not get snagged up on the snares along the way ..to far left or too far right. I learn to recognize the hazards just under the smooth surface. If I keep my hands and feet in the boat, I can’t get fed, satisfy my thirst or get clean and I can’t help anyone else either. The great water is the world and I am in the world but not part of the world. My home is far from here and I have never seen it, I want to go there and at the same time I don’t want to leave this world. It is almost maddening to try to think of a better place then this in so many ways. New and different food everyday, many more colors that we can’t even imagine, and no need for a sun or moon because The Son is our light. God made man in His image and He is the one that made this world for us. If God made this world and said, “it is good” , Heaven must be Greatness Infinity!!


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