My grandsons

My grandsons – what a wonderful picture. We will get through this year and once again they will all have hair. What desperation to give these boys my love as fast as I can. I feel like I need to see and touch each of my 16 grandkids. It never crosses your mind that one could get hurt or sick or Cancer. We as a great large family are rallied in all sorts of directions. Fund raising, care packages, good wishes, prayers and more prayers. It is so maddening to just go along with life when this little Ninja (as we call him) is battling this everyday in the hospital and out. I am continually vexed with myself when I realize I haven’t been praying for the last hours as though it rests on my shoulders. God is Good all the time. We will all work through this and hold each other up. Thank you Father for each day and each moment. We love you all together with many hands and hearts please comfort each of us with the peace that passes understanding. Love Ty


My grandsons

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