The Sky is Falling! The sky is falling!

Sometimes it feels like so much is happening in so many places and we are powerless to stop it or fix it or help. And of course we are Correct! But …ta da da daaaa – We are children of an Almighty King. Things are never out of control for Him, He is ushering us forward and guiding us along and protecting us all around – even top and bottom! When it seems as though we are thrashing in the water of life – flip over on your back and look Heavenward..and say, “My help comes from the Lord” – “He is Mighty to Save” – “If I am going through trials He is right there in the Fire with me.” With His help soon you are able to dive deeper into that churning Sea and pull up your brother and comfort him with the Comfort you received from the Great Comforter! Just keep in mind, this life while a wondrous gift is , as “CrossRoads” says , the Life before.. I for one want to arrive at The Life After” to gather at that big table with all my friends and family – I can smell supper and I can’t wait to try the wine! I hear our Lord is the end all vintner ! God Bless.


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