Marriage – noun; to combine

mama papaI now combine you husband and wife. Hmmm? To combine – mix together – incorporate into each other. Or – Covenant -A binding agreement; a compact, a. A formal sealed agreement or contract. Biblically: Is “covenant” a noun or a verb; a process or a document? …or is a choice?
With values based on what our Heavenly Father wants for us, and mind you I have been married, divorced, widowed and married again – Does this put my sins in some category of sinner beyond all others? I broke a covenant, multiple times. I believe that I rushed headlong into several situations that were “unadvised” to say the least. This is why we want always to keep in mind as parents that we are not only committing to a covenant contract but also committed to help prepare our children for the day that they will want to make a Marriage contract with the right person and be happy in their choice. I know I learned a lot of things from seeing and being part of bad marriages, ergo my children have had to go through and be part of the same situations. I learned a lot from experience which I had hoped would not be the way my children learned. I pray God will change the next generation and heal our short comings and grant us every one Wisdom. There is nothing in this life wasted “if” we are able to gain Wisdom. Forgive like you want to be forgiven for the bible says in Matthew 6 12-15 -.. for as we forgive others we will be forgiven as much or as little. Go Big people! Forgiveness is the Key. Forgive yourself first, and always be the first to forgive others. Try to assign others the same Good Motives that you feel you have. Try to answer anger with a kind word. usually the person with the Anger is the one with the problem – it has nothing to do with you. Anger is a response to a feeling of powerlessness or of not getting your way. Next time you’re mad see if I’m right about this. Ask yourself – why am I mad? Be honest, only God can see what you are thinking and he won’t tell. Finally my Covenant Marriage is one of not just combining but of a continued Giving and Receiving as we both seek to do something for the kingdom of God, in even small ways. He is, after all the first part of our 3 part covenant.


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