June 2013 – Really ?

Thank you Lord

Thank you Lord

How is it possible that it is 2013?  I have lived so many seasons.  When I look at my children and their Joys and sorrows, their successes and well, retries.  I have to think of myself at their ages, so much happened after 18 and 21 and 30 and even 40.  At 21 I had my first child, he now has 3.  At 31 I had my twins, one of them has a child. The two in the middle have lived through some hard and terrible times and things. The love that each has found in his life is a wondrous miracle that has brought me 4 more grand children.  After 40.. truthfully after 50, I got 2 more daughter and 2 more sons and 7 more grandchildren.  That is 9 children and 16 grandchildren.  I had no idea how much I would love being a grandmother.  I love my children and being their mother, as each of my loves can tell you being a parents is a blessing – also very hard.  I believe my drive to be  not just a good grandmother, but a great – grandmother is because it is so much easier to see the need for love and for cherishing when you’re not trying to pay the bills and keep the house clean and food on the table, and haven’t been kept awake or away, all night and or been peed on ralphed on or had food thrown at you. (This stuff happens)
God knew grandparents would be the best solution for this, I want my grand-kids to know me and to think I’m a nut and that I can do pretend and build Lego’s and run in sprinklers make tea parties and tents on the furniture,and cry and pray with them to. I want to be the person who can tell them, “your mom and dad love you and want only the best for you – give them a break and let them love you ……and whine to grandma.  Thank you Father for entrusting to me and my amazing “baby whisper” of a (grandpa) husband, with this solemn responsibility.


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