Letters to my children,

I pray you are well and happy. You are in my thoughts often and I pray you have God’s Wisdom, Blessing, Grace and Mercy abundantly.
I hear my Lord whisper His love to me in the early morning, and I say, “in a moment, Lord”.
I start my day and have coffee, take my pills, brush my teeth and hair then get showered and pick out my clothes for the day.
“How about a few moments now?, my Lord says. “I have to pack my lunch and make the bed, Lord” A song runs through my head, “The joy of the Lord is my strength, the joy of the Lord is my strength” How’s that Lord? I promise to pray on my way to work.
Oh quick go check my Facebook before I leave, oh cute pictures and oh I better make sure I go to my games and get my morning spins! Oh look lots of stuff from friends! Oh man I wish I could do this longer! Dang got to go.
Ok Lord I’m in the truck and headed for work. Now, I’ll pray. Oh wait, I better turn on talk radio and see what has happened to this country now! I am so mad now and my blood pressure is up and I feel like all is hopeless. Lord, why is this happening? Are you there?
Do you care? Haven’t I asked….
Merciful Father what a privilege to come to you in prayer, to confess my sin and know you will love me and forgive. Your patience with my brief trips to Ty-land, your gentle but firm correction that leads me back from mire and into the Light. You don’t push from behind; you are in my heart and graciously inhabit my thoughts to sooth and to grow me. Please Father complete the good work you have begun in me. Not by my power but by yours. I have no power but yours and I have not wisdom but yours. I am as dirty rags, yet you see me as your beautiful child. How many times have I thought my blessings were curses Lord, how many times have I selfishly rushed after what I know, was the best for me only to be hip deep in alligators. Please remind me not to lean on my own understanding, But from every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.
I fear my children seeing me as bad, or worse some sort of good. I am neither and I stumble about in the dark from time to time. My greatest hope is that you My God, see me as a saved soul and a work in progress. I want to worry more what God thinks of me and not at all what man thinks. The blessing of our free will makes that one a challenge at times.
As long as I can keep being humble, keep getting up, keep asking forgiveness and keep trying – I know my Lord is faithful and will preserve my soul into His kingdom.
My purpose in putting these thoughts down on paper is to show this person is just a human with aspirations of one day running with all my might into my Savior’s arms with tears of joy and Love – sobbing I love you daddy! For He is our ABBA FATHER “Daddy”
We all have good days and less good days and sometimes even bad or awful days. They are 24 hour periods and we get a new one every morning. Until those days appointed to each one of us is complete.
Love Everyday, Forgive, Worship, Ask forgivingness, Be thankful – Everyday, Laugh, Live, and enjoy God’s creation Everyday.
Remember when we do these things to include that very special “You” too. Love God with all your mind, strength, and heart and love your neighbor as yourself. Sometimes, prayer is quiet listening and singing praises to our God. Go out today know how loved you are and how blessed – Give your love away and bless others with your gifts
xoxoxo Mom


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