You’re gonna get it!

You’re gonna get it? How many times when I was a child did I say that to a sibling? That was normal for a child, but for a grown person? With the recent floods here in Colorado, I heard someone say “it is God
punishing Colorado for legalizing marijuana” – What? Really?
What happened to – God makes the sun shine & the rain on the just and the unjust – on the Good and the Evil. How sad that God’s own people don’t know Him. Was Paul being punished by God when he was in prison? I think not! He was where God wanted him for God’s purposes. In his circumstances he was very much loved by our Heavenly Father. God was still with him and still in control. Good things happen to bad people and bad thing happen to bad people and good things happen to Good people and ..well you get the idea.
God -with the gift of His son made a way for us to go home. He knew how imperfect we were and would always be – that is why He paid our way. Don’t see our Father as a heavy handed brute, but a loving Father that cherishes each one of us. We all love our own children and always want the best for them – sometimes we have to let them step out and make mistakes – it makes us sad for their hurt, but we still love them and are here with open arms when they want and need us. They are always our child and at some point (we Hope) will learn and Grow and finally be able to use the comfort they received to Comfort others – You’re gonna get it – God’s Love!


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