Truse or Friction

Truse or Friction – you have a choice. I am at such a place now that I can’t imagine choosing Friction. That God has given me the gift of Grace and slowed my tongue so I can use it wisely, is a miraculous thing indeed. I happen to work in a place where there is a constant stream of anger, bitterness, and just unrest. Maybe a lot of people work in an atmosphere like I do, but..I work in a church.  To work each day in a place where “god’s people” are all around, and to see nothing but strife and division – can be quite disheartening. All seem to see themselves as right and the others are wrong. Separated into small groups with very different and completely contra – effective for God’s kingdom. God’s word says we all must come to Him as little children Each one of us has to make those steps toward the cross Each one of us needs to accept the Gift of Salvation. There is definitely Right and Wrong in God’s sight even though in this world it seems very blurred. Do we ask for and offer Grace? We all have a stake in what we are to one another. When a house of faith, becomes a social club more interested in the rights and issues of the people and discards the Commandments of their name sake, it will collapse like a house of cards.  Is the struggle of the pastor to fill the pews?  Is his struggle to promote unity with the world? In my heart I say no.    God will fill His house, when His word is spoken and taught and the “Love among themselves” is present.  My heart says, “What can “I” do? Not  – what do the rest of these people think they are doing?  It is heartbreaking to me to witness, and worse to try to stay Loyal to God and not a faction.   I only hope that the little moments I extend God’s word are blessed by Him and change some hearts.  Please Father make me bold and protect me in this place. Truse or Friction?  I say just surrender – He will lift you up.


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