I thought it was over

She is gone now. What I thought would finally end, has just changed. The 6 of us mourned her loss long before she left us. Only now do I realize that we will continue to mourn the possibility of our relationships getting better. Family should be a haven of love, safety and comfort. How could ours have survived the continual tearing away of our very core. As siblings we have managed to come along this bumpy road and emerge into little circles of ever expanding love. We learned how to create Love and safety and comfort the hard way – by living without it for so long. Yet we all love each other and have over come the factions and rifts thrown our way continually. I want to draw close to each hurt soul and make it better – my goal is to help each one to believe they do good and are good. We all love our children and grandchildren and they know it. We love and respect each other. We are fully equipped for the things of this life. We have each other, and all together we sadly say, “Good Bye Mom, may God bless you with joy and happiness forever more” .


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