♫♪♪ Baby – It’s cold outside ♫♪

snowTemperature below zero, 900 homeless crowded into a shelter in Denver last night.  I’m at home with a fire and a hot meal, listening to “Baby it’s cold outside”  on the music station.   Why has God blessed me, are those on the street, outside His blessing?  These things are so hard to understand.  I know this every time my life was going through rocky roads and blinding winds, He was always right there.  Those times when there seemed to be no hope, soon transformed into the birth of great joy.  I clung ever tighter to Him and trusted Him more in times of want and need.  It is shameful to not be even more so in times of Great blessing, ahh the times of great blessing –  when have I learned and grown more?  Oh, in those times of total leaning on God’s complete support. The difference now is that I think I don’t need to be completely supported by God at this moment because things are good and I don’t realize the need as desperately.  God please give me Wisdom and Grace and Mercy every moment to be your hands and feet as others have been for me.  I want to cling to you because you are my Savior and not because I perceive I need a Savior today.  Just some thoughts, give me some feed back brothers and sisters.


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