Tears, Psalms 56:8

You have kept count of my tossings; put my tears in your bottle. … God has a bottle and a book for his people’s tears, ..You keep track of my sorrows, why? I will go and study this further today.
Why does the God of the Universe care about my every tear? Once again my child has fallen back into addictions pull. He is now sitting in jail, once again. I breathe a sigh of relief. No tears for him.  He knows and loves God, he has put himself into bondage. One day he will reach out and hold on to his savior, until then one day at a time.

I spent the day giving hard answers and encouragement to one hurt by the affects of this awful plague.

I saw myself. I became that person I had so desperately needed, when I was thinking I could help or fix a badly damaged person. The damage I sustained as a result took a lifetime to repair.
I told a young girl that she was not equipped to restore this young man that she said is so precious to her, that she is a precious child of God, with much life ahead. Go get a second job and start taking college classes, even one at a time. I exhorted her to stay away from this kind of darkness. She is hurt that my son could lie to her and be mean. I told her, you don’t go to a mad dog for comfort, he will act by his nature, that should never surprise you. Spend only prayers in your precious life on someone who has given over control to a substance in lieu of  God’s love.  After I finally hung up the phone, I cried, tears of hope for this young girl. Please keep her, my son and others like them in your prayers


2 thoughts on “Tears, Psalms 56:8

  1. Ty
    So sorry you are having to deal with the passion this brings. We both know that through sorrow and suffering, we come closest to the One who suffered for us.
    Praying for the whole lot.

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