Paul, goes to Rome

Like so many folksCIMG2391 in present day, Paul always wanted to go to Rome. God told Paul he would go to Rome, and to Rome he went. Where is your Rome? Are you struggling to get there? When Paul finally got to Rome he lost his life – make that “gave” his life. Paul did what God commissioned him to do, He preached the gospel everywhere he had an audience.

Through ship wrecks and chains Paul pushed toward the goal set out before him. He tried to teach Kings, politicians  and sailors. Every time he was given an opportunity to defend himself, he instead spoke the gospel. He told of his great zeal to persecute the Christians, thinking he was being Righteous.
He killed many and took many prisoner also. He held the coats of those who stoned Thomas to death. Then God in His mercy saved the then Saul and gave him a great opportunity to serve The Most High. Paul could have said,” I am far too great a sinner I can never be of any use to you Lord”
Paul let God use the things Paul had done to a higher purpose. He showed forgiveness of sins, and turning away from sin he received new life.

We sinners, to this day have this opportunity to receive pardon and new life. We may still be struggling toward our own Rome and what that holds, but we can be assured that no matter the circumstances or situation, we are changed and will have a new name some day just like Paul.

Don’t spend time looking back – You are not going that way.


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