♪♪ Always never the same..♪ ♪

When I was waiting to have each of my children I prepared a bag , the first time -with the things that I was told I would need. Baby clothes, hard candy, robe etc.  After 5 hours labor, I had my first son.  I was exhausted and couldn’t get out of bed till the next day.  The second child I needed less and different things, my previous experience taught me that a newborn outfit could be a tee shirt and diaper, no need for some outfit that was going to be way to big and end up being covered with that black stool that didn’t come out in the wash.  After 3 hours labor, boy number 2 arrived, 20 minutes later I walked down the hallway to the nursery to look in the window with the rest of the family.   The third child I took my own night gown and figured it would be 20 minutes or so.  8 hours later with some drama, son number 3 made his entrance.  I cooed over him and gave him to his daddy – while I took a well deserved nap.   I had this down, no surprises –  eeerrrkk! wait – This little guys was jaundice – turns out his numbers were 18 and 3/4 baby is usually transfused at 20. Yikes – he was under the lights in an incubator for about a week before he could come home. What a shake up that was.  So, three lovely sons – but no girl….what to do?   After much encouragement another long hot summer, July arrived and with that – TWINS.   Boy number 4, calm and sleepy, followed by a very mad little girl, now my joy was complete!  By C-section – 7lbs 15 oz   and 7lbs 2oz .  Much harder to get around after that little party!    Needless to say after that  – it was  ♪♪ Always never the same ♪♪  – around our very full, always in the kitchen, loud and child filled home.   Thank you Lord


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