All Clear!

All Clear.  That means the danger has passed.  Has the danger passed?  All seems well. Is all well?

It seems that just when we relax and feel at ease, the sirens start again.  While they blast we scramble about – what is it?  What do we need?  How much time do we have?  Fire? Water?  Earthquake? Tornado? But no, there is no siren, no warning, no shaking, no heat just a calm quiet voice that says pray,  listen..wait.  No pleading or yelling just gentle reminders offered for quick reference.   What do you have in the “quick reference” section?

Can a saint walk into an ambush?  I don’t think so.  God is in Jesus , I am in Jesus and He is in me -He knows all things -so I can not be ambushed!   It is very much like going around with a Giant as your buddy, people might think they can mess with you but they quickly find out, Not so much.

We are in a battle – For our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against authorities and powers, against the world-rulers of this dark night, against the spirits of evil in the heavens. Eph 6:12     So it follows I should be ready for the continual “slings and arrows” But know that we are shielded in Christ. Shake it off and keep moving forward to the kingdom home that is our promise. Life is not always rosy and perfect for the saints, at least not what we might think it should be.  Because God places us where we can do the most good for the kingdom  that being where the lost that need Jesus are.  Count it all gain and call on God’s word that is stored away in your heart and mind.  Remember your Full armor of God and keep moving toward the kingdom until God almighty gives the “All Clear” come on home!










2 thoughts on “All Clear!

  1. Ty this is so true. You write wonderful things on your blog. I forget about it. Thank you gor the reminder. I am so glad we are getting to know each other . God has blessed your life with a talent for writing.

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