Bridges span small spaces and large ones. Bridges can be a log or tons of steel. Some bridges will stand forever and others rot away.

We oft times need to cross bridges, and sometimes burn them – hopefully we don’t burn the wrong ones and not while standing in the middle of them.     I can see those who first came up with bridges, hmmm, what a gulf?  How can we get to the other side?   Probably a wise old white haired lady was giving good counsel to a soul in need, “Build a bridge and get over it” –

Eureka!  That’s it!  we will find a way to get the two sides closer, some how.  If we co operate with those on the other side of the gulf and build slowly upon the ground we have – we will meet at some point. The middle maybe.  But peoples talents and ambitions are different, the work put down by one can be supported and increased by another and another. Each one that adds is of  value, all will be part of the whole, each adds to those before and those who come after.

The Cross was the work of one man, and He worked to the completion of the purpose for which He was sent.   It cost His human body, which he obediently laid down, to save our souls and Spark the Spirit within us again. Before the Cross there was a great gulf between man and God.   The Cross  spans that unspanable distance, we can now draw near to the Father through His Son, by way of the Cross which supported our Lord as He took upon Himself all the sins of the world, Past , Present & Future.

That old serpent still tries to tell us from time to time, “Oh that sin wasn’t covered”  or “That sin is Way to big for God to forgive”  “Remember when you did this or that?”      He is the head liar, he can not tell the truth.    I trust God’s Word!   Jesus is the WORD,  He  has saved us, past tense, and so we are saved.  The Word (Jesus) is the Light (Jesus)  Where the Light is there is NO darkness.   Be filled with the Light (Jesus) and keep God’s Word (Jesus) ever in your heart, speak what the heart is full. Just go share your Light (Jesus) with those who are stuck in the dark unable to find the bridge, show them the Way (Jesus).  God is not slow to bring judgement to the world as men might think, No – He is patient that all have a chance to answer His call and accept the sacrifice  made for us all – that none should perish but all attain eternal life in Heaven.

2 Peter 3:9    John 8:12   John 14:6  Isaiah 59:2  many more scriptures hold the essence of the promises of God, read and be blessed.


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