A dollar 2.98 for your thoughts!

Inflation….well heres my 5.56 and two cents worth.
What would God have me do? I feel the need to pray for so many. I get overpowered before I get 3 people prayed up. So I started a list and prayed through the list and then the list got so big I prayed over the piece of paper. I keep asking and hoping that God will show me a way to be able to figure this out. I don’t want to leave anyone out.

Love your enemy, Ok I try to do this.   Today I am aware of a sad truth.  It  is  harder to continue to have affection for a family member who is continually harsh and unloving, than to love your enemy.   I have prayed on many occasions for a person who was wicked to me,  ask God to sauve whatever the  cause of the hurt that made them strike out.  But a beloved family member who you should love and should love you?   Do I have to love them then?   That just doesn’t seem right, it is so not fair!

God says to me in a small voice this morning, “I love you, I forgive you, I chose to forget all the times you mistreated my family”.  “Come be loved and let My love pour out of you, when yours is all gone”.  Forgive that one Lord? – That one that has let me down and you down over and over – that one?

How many times have I had to stop and remove the timber from my eye?  So many that I have nearly built a log cabin.  Its “Me” – I am the one who needs  forgiveness. Its God’s family, the beloved family member is God’s child.   I am God’s child, I will follow Gods lead and forgive “Me” too.  Keep me in your prayers as I keep you.


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