5:30 AM

IMG_20130918_063522_749Merely days till Spring – snow is on the way today – all is well.
I am now roused early every morning, I have been up since 4:00. I almost feel like an early responder, ready for the alarms to go off any moment. Early morning study to set my heart and mind heavenward for the day. Fresh off a big blessing this morning, God answered prayer that I was told was a wasted effort. What a thrill to enlist the prayers warriors and see the mighty results. God honors those who honor Him!
The question: Are you a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ? Think about it – We are “Representatives” of Christ! We are Re – presenting our Saviour. As Christians we are sending messages all the time. Sometimes Intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. What does that mean? People who are in need of salvation frequently only realize it when they see a life being lived Gracefully, Prayerfully, Mercifully, Generously, Humbly and Honestly. By doing this our actions are our witness and we have no need to defend ourselves and detract from our witness. If we can train ourselves to see an angry person as someone hurting and feeling as though they have no control or are not getting their way, it can give us pause to show compassion. Remember “a kind word turns away wrath” – the unexpected act of grace soon disarms anger and fear also. What is that saying? , “Be graceful when the unexpected happens.” – by being unexpected Grace abounds.


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