Burst forth with Praise

A beautiful day like so many others.  A mouse sits in the bin of bulbs at the little nurserTulipsy, busily chewing away at the net bag trying to make purchase of the tender bulbs.  Just as his hard work is about to pay off, the bag is lifted out of the bin and carried away.    Landscapers are busily getting the backyard done for the new owners.  Tulips were high on the list.  This bag with a hole was about to give release – this tiny tulip bulb falls through a hole and lands on a rocky path.  It was hot and dry and unbearable. Then the gardeners spilled moist soil over the poor bulb as they tromped through passively packing it down, and it is refreshed. Oh the coolness and the much needed nourishment. Just as the tulip starts to press forth, the gardeners come through with a huge boulder, so heavy they just drop it. The girth of  this burden, heavy,wide, and all light is blocked out. Great pressure, light is gone, nourishment is gone.  Time goes on and water slowly threads its way through the soil as the rain falls heavily. The bulb protected from the heavy pounding rain, and allowed moisture without harm. The rain begins to erode away the soil at the edge of the boulder and light floods through. The bud pushes toward life, it presses, and strains further until its flower bursts forth into the sun at last. It appears to have grown out of the rock, quite a miracle. All the things that could have stopped its life came together to give comfort and sustenance while it never stopped going on the journey of Life.


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