My robe was pressed and my cap set just so. The air was alive with excitement. We had all made it through the gauntlet that was high school. Names were called and people cheered as we processed across the stage to receive our diplomas, it was still when my name was called. No one came to celebrate this day.
We all stood in line as people came by with congratulations, cards, gifts, flowers, and hugs. I walked away with none of these. My heart like a stone and my tears ready to broach my attempt to keep them in control. I will never be celebrated, I will just go through this life from the outside. I needed someone to tell me I was worthy of anything at all. I crawled through life as one taking up space. I wanted to be loved by someone, and I took it in any form it appeared to me. It wasn’t love until my children were born. My very heart was held in my arms. How do I make them feel every loved, needed, valued. I use the words often, “I Love You, God Loves you” It is like I have an uncontrollable, unquenchable, drive to give love where it is lacking, I see so many as my dearly loved child, I want them to know, being celebrated, if I am not there God is always there and He loves more than I could ever in all my life.
God will lift you up as you look to him and take his gift, He will make all things new. Be His hands and feet today.


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