Jazz and rain

Jazz and rain, sounds ..sad or soulful, but it is sweet and lovely. Calm day..headed off to evening. Comfortable and content, life is so good. Everyday is blessed. How can we have a complaint in this country. La la la , all is good. ERRRRRKKK! back that truck up, people. That is just what, we don’t need. Stay engaged and stay vigil. That lion is still roaming around and looking for prey. Heres the thing, you are safe from the Lion, as long as you are content and not looking out for his attack. Who is this Lion? Why Satan of course! He wants us comfortable in this country and problem free,. Don’t be lulled to sleep by the comfort and the wealth of this land. Don’t worry or panic, we are safe from that old toothless feral cat. As long as we have our Lord and Saviour – that cat can roar but that is it. – Really a lot of noise…just turn up the music. Sing Praises to our Jesus and wait upon the God of Ages. Life is sweet and lovely, share that with all.


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