Early Morning

The weather is cooler this morning. The first hint of summer taking her leave. The crickets are chatting with intensity as though rallying the troops. I sit by the window with my bible in my hands scanning this verse and that. What do you have for me this day Lord? I don’t want to play bible roulette – open the book, and put my finger blindly on a verse – and just know God led me there. Not so much. I have had many days lately that I opened my bible and felt the urge to place my hand on it and close my eyes and wait. So I do, I am overcome with the compulsion to search my mind for passages that I have tucked away. Is it this time of the world, that sends me to find the Hope that God gave us through the obedience of His Son? That I may stand firm till the day of the Lord, that I may be an overcomer!
I have guest rooms in my house. I am so thrilled and excited to have family come. I prepare their rooms with love and anticipation for those I love to be comfortable and pampered. For those who have gone to sleep in the Lord and have gone on to their room prepared in the Father’s house. Is it in a much grander scale, very similar? I have so much love for my short time guest, but the Father has infinitely more Love and those whose rooms He has readied are not guests, but have come home to stay. Praise God we can believe every word He inspired in the Heavenly GPS – The Bible!


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