2014 almost over…

I’m starting my prep at work for the coming new year. New files, new binders, Storing last years stuff away.  So much has changed.  I am now the Office Administrator.   This is the fourth time I have started a job as a receptionist and ended up the Manager or Administrator.   I remember wondering if I would ever get a good job again, because I was past 55 years old.   Alas hBowling  Western 2010 023ere I am.   It is not perfect, but what job is. But, what a blessing!

Having the ability to work and make a living is a tremendous blessing.   If one job doesn’t pay enough we can get two jobs. There is always a way to make enough money to meet our needs.  There is a balance though, are our wants blurred into our needs? Just remember life is not about work only. Am I keeping the Sabbath Holy?  God rested on the 7th day of all those we can emulate the Father would be high on the list.

Putting God first and aligning our lives with His will and Purpose, we will see all our needs being met and blessings upon blessing on top.  God will always provide,

Don’t be like the guy who was stranded floating in the ocean waiting for God to save him.

A boat came by an offered him a life ring – He said No, I’m waiting for God to Save me.

A Helicopter came by and dropped a basket which he ignored, he was waiting for God to save him.

He died.               He asked God, why didn’t you save me?

God said, I sent a boat and a helicopter….

Moral of the story: God’s people are here to help. We are the hands and feet of God.  Look for the help where he provides.


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