Beautiful, Dirty Rags

I recently was blessed with the opportunity to lead some parents and their kids in a Sunday school class.

I was prompted to tell a wee bit of my story to explain that God’s words and precepts are just or emphatic.

People all of a sudden, see me as a sad story or a saint.  The things of my testimony are PAST.  The things on my ministry are a continuing future.   I leave those past hurts with the one who has only the past. You know him by his name, Liar, or fake, or Impostor.

Those things are not me.  While I still have triggers that I have to watch everyday several times a day.  I have much more success than failure.  When I say failure, I mean – do overs!  I am never a failure anymore, I am protected by an amazing Father.  I am forgiven once and for all.  I can come close and say, “Sorry Papa” when I mess up in some way.  And He says, I know,  I forgive you because I love you – You are my most precious child.

I am a work in progress and will be so all the days of my life.   When something tough comes along, I know He is always with me and will knit the mess together into a work of art.

He has blessed me with the ability to forgive and to have compassion and mercy. He is giving more and more patience and wisdom to stop and listen.

It’s a dirty job sometimes, but these dirty rags are white as snow every morning once again.

Love & Laughter – Ty


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