Ewe not a burden bearer?

We are sheep right? I have always heard that sheep are not burden bearing animals.

So lay down that burden. Hmmm?    Where to put it?

What do I dosheep with it ?

Who would want my burden?

Would I take someone elses?
I remember a story of a man being tortured, he had to carry the object of his torture through the streets. He had been beaten and injured terrible to the point he could not carry his burden any further. The torturer told a man in the crowd to take his burden. The man handed it over.

The man from the crowd was named Rufus, he carried the burden to the top of a hill and there the tortured man was hung.
That man of course was our Lord, Jesus Christ. Mark 15:21
When He says, “Share your burdens with one another” – we should do as He says.
When Rufus was told to take Jesus’ burden – Jesus didn’t say, ” Oh I can handle it – after all I am God” No he handed it over. He does as He says.  When we have an opportunity to be a Rufus, we have no idea what sharing a burden might mean. When Jesus got to the place he was crucified, it saved us all.    While it is unlikely that we would be sharing that kind of horrendous burden, it may very well seem like that to the one carrying it.
Later in the book of Romans, Romans 16:13  Alexander, the son of Rufus, who had carried Jesus’ cross, was said to be a chosen man of God, who was well-known in the faith, as well as his mother.  The effects of being a burden sharer may have far reaching affects.  Modeling God’s love to others is always the best way to go.
So my thought here is, we have no idea what blessing can be had by carrying the burden of another. What happens when the selfless act of sharing your brothers burden, and remember who your brother is? All are our brothers and sisters.
Conversely, this is where I get to place my burdens also. Who will help me with this today. Blessings abound where the redeemed  are faithful.


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