Watching the time.

You know when you are so excited to do something and can’t wait? You watch the it time to go yet? Whatever it is, you pay attention. You are acutely aware of each passing moment, time seems to crawl.
Is that how I look at the coming of our Lord? Can’t wait, praying for it to come – “On earth as it is in Heaven” ? Is that a good outlook? Yes!
How we should be praying and working toward that great day. What does,”Working toward” mean? We are on a mission not unlike Noah -sans arc. We are to be about the Fathers’ work. God gave us instructions in detail just like He did for Noah. Making sure that we are making people aware of the coming kingdom of God and gift He wishes all to receive. Don’t put off the good news until another time or another day, for none of us know when our last breath will be. Show Gods love to all by sharing His plan of Salvation without fail to everyone. Time isn’t really crawling, it is running out for someone right now. Get moving people!!


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