Handle with Prayer

New every morning

Life comes in all sorts of situations. Having a lot and having a little. Being healthy and being sickly. Being strong and being weak. Being smart and being simple. So many different skill sets that would be useless in another place or time. One could be living high in the mountains or at the oceans edge. Living In a deep forest or a high desert. The world is different as we wonder through it. People are this way to. We are all different, we like different things we are able to live under different circumstances and different situations with ease. But we can not walk or live each others road, we are not equipped for the things that high altitude or bug infested or hot sun or snow that come into lives every day. We can not control the weather or the scenery. We do have to pay attention to our steps and watch out for those who have been over come by others paths. Sometimes a fall from a misstep will put us into a totally different and unfamiliar place. We are never alone. The two sets of footprints on the beach where Jesus walks with us that go to one set when He carries us – those footprints are also in desert sand and mossy forest floors and mountain mud. Handle each step with Prayer. Remember God is already there.


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