Flights of Fancy

What is a flight of fancy?  Oh there she goes off on a flight of fancy again!

flight of fancy” An unrealistic idea or fantastic notion, a pipe dream. For example, She engaged in flights of fancy, such as owning a million-dollar house. This idiomuses flight in the sense of “a soaring of the imagination,” a usage dating from the mid-1600s.

Hmmm?  I thought is was a whimsical saying that was filled with fun and good wishes. An unrealistic notion, I don’t thinks so. “A Soaring of the imagination” now that is what I’m talking about.   Flying away in my mind, that is from a song , – isn’t it ?

Flight in my mind, how fun is that.  “A fantastic notion”,  what things in the everyday life are born from fantastic notions, too many to count.  I shall continue my flights of fancy, soaring high above the world in my imagination until those seeds of fantastic notions sprout wings of their own. Flight ready to take off – waves your arms where ever you like you can’t fall out and you can never be too short for the ride.  Ty-Land is amazing hope your land is as well.



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