Long Winded

Winds – the winds blew strong and loud.

The winds blew lightly against the tall grass. The grass sang an aromatic song as the wind pressed by.

The wind wound its way through the canyon, dusting as it flew over the crags.

A silent wind caught them by surprise. The kite snapped loose and flew off like the sail of an invisible ship on windy wings.

The echo of a far off train turned into the roar of an ill wind that swept a clean swath in its wake.

The wind rushed through the open window like a fearful soul being pursued by evil, it scattered papers tumbling up and over and under everything in its path.

The wind blew hot; all was parched and withered by its touch.

A wet and cool wind brought refresh to the parched and dry land.

The wind had no direction; it burst upon itself from all points, then crashed like angry ocean waves and blasted heavenward.

A soft wind gently set the dandelion feathers afloat they swirled toward new places like tiny ballerinas, they lightly touched their toes again to earth.

A blast of wind tossed the waves and the waves crashed back. They battled all the way to shore where a lone wave slapped the sand as the self-proclaimed winner.  The wind whipped on down the beach to stir up the sand and blow on its way.


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