Does it have to be that way?

Are you living a lost life?  A life separated from God?  You know in your heart that God is real and that He created you.  His word says He put  into the hearts of man – the knowledge that they have a creator.  Is your life a mess?  Does it have to be that way?

Remember how Jesus told Peter he would deny him 3 times?   Peter was in shock almost outraged.  Never – that would never happen  Then it did.  When Peter realized what he had done –  the bible says , “He wept bitterly”  the translation for this word is as though someone had died.

Remember how Jesus said, “the one at the table who dips his bread at the same time I do will betray me”?  That was Judas, he kisses Jesus and went out to betray him for 30 pieces of silver.

Judas actually went back to the Chief Priests  to  give back the silver.   He was in terrible anguish. He went out in his hopelessness and hanged himself.

This week I heard a young man explain something about this that had escaped me totally.

Peter went back to Jesus and ask forgiveness.  Jesus ask Peter 3 times, do you love me Peter?  One for each betrayal.   Peter answered yes each time.  Jesus told him to feed His sheep, to protect his sheep, to feed His lambs.

Judas, could have gone back to Jesus also and Jesus would have forgiven him if he had just ask.    It would not  have changed anything in God’s plan.  We would still be redeemed.

Why do we as humans assume what God would do or what He thinks?  Jesus died for all sin for all time.   Don’t let the fiery darts of darkness convince you that God is unable or unwilling to forgive.  Nothing is outside of His reach.

So the answer to the question,  Does it have to be that way?  Is NO!

God’s gift of salvation offered in love that no one is lost, not even one.  This gift is yours just reach out your hand and take it.  Tomorrow may be to late, do it now.