It’s all about me..

The constant compulsion to buy this or that, bombarded with the idea that you deserve it. Whatever “it” is. This formula, shall we say is  “you deserve it” and “without it you are lacking”.

New and improved – literally everything.  I recently saw a video about new and improved -toilet paper.  Really how does one improve toilet paper?

Flatter?   Isn’t it already wider, and thicker, more absorbent, quilted, and even softer or stronger whichever you prefer.

Advertisers get what I believe to be dangerously close to biblical proportions in their use of lust of the eyes. You will look good, feel good, all will be jealous of you.  The Jones’ are in your rear view mirror.

Wait a minute…do the Jones know Jesus?  Is this the generous life that God would have us live?  Is it all about me?  Really yes, the opportunity to share the kingdom and the riches therein, are “about” me everywhere I look. Come on they don’t deserve it, really who does.  Jesus wants us to make the offer anyway.   “It” ,being  God’s gift of a NEW life  of “undeserved” Grace.



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