Left handed, but in my Right brain!

CIMG2393So the way I understand this left hand thing is – left handed peoples brain allows communication of left and right brain together as apposed to right handed peoples brain hemispheres, which don’t talk to each other.   Finally – that explains the voices!  Just kidding, (no shes not) Yes I am!

So to be born left handed is often thought of as a handicap. Wouldn’t you know I would have the only handicap you don’t get disability for.  I was actually born ambidextrous and I thought I was always very compliant also. When I got into school in Tennessee I was smacked on the hand with a ruler when I picked up my pencil with my left hand.  I am totally left handed now, hmmm? – what do you think that means.

Left handed -Did you know?  Some scientific reports say that left handed people absorbed their twin,  that there is no left handed gene. I find this amazing. I am very left handed and I was about 26 when I had surgery for an ovarian tumor.  Doctor said there was bone and hair in the mass.  Well that is very interesting at least to me. More left handed facts at the link below:




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