My Mom

There are seasons in this life, I was born and had a mom then became a mom with a daughter of my own.  This event changed my feelings about my mom and about myself  also.  I look back and forward to place myself in the daughter and the mother place.  My feelings toward my mom and toward my daughter and to myself in each place have changed and grown. Things that I felt about my mom that I hope my daughter doesn’t feel about me and the way my daughter appears to me – I don’t want to be or appear to my mother.  My heart is calmed and churned by this new sight. I can now see clearer and know that it took time and changing of seasons for me to get to this place and to grant Grace and Mercy to my daughter as she goes along her own road and to myself as I work out my relationship with my mother, and to my mother that she might be blissfully unaware.   I now see it easier to forgive and let things go,  when I see my daughter will come to the same place of need and understanding someday I can be patient, after all she is her mother’s daughter.


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