Watching the time.

You know when you are so excited to do something and can’t wait? You watch the it time to go yet? Whatever it is, you pay attention. You are acutely aware of each passing moment, time seems to crawl.
Is that how I look at the coming of our Lord? Can’t wait, praying for it to come – “On earth as it is in Heaven” ? Is that a good outlook? Yes!
How we should be praying and working toward that great day. What does,”Working toward” mean? We are on a mission not unlike Noah -sans arc. We are to be about the Fathers’ work. God gave us instructions in detail just like He did for Noah. Making sure that we are making people aware of the coming kingdom of God and gift He wishes all to receive. Don’t put off the good news until another time or another day, for none of us know when our last breath will be. Show Gods love to all by sharing His plan of Salvation without fail to everyone. Time isn’t really crawling, it is running out for someone right now. Get moving people!!


Ewe not a burden bearer?

We are sheep right? I have always heard that sheep are not burden bearing animals.

So lay down that burden. Hmmm?    Where to put it?

What do I dosheep with it ?

Who would want my burden?

Would I take someone elses?
I remember a story of a man being tortured, he had to carry the object of his torture through the streets. He had been beaten and injured terrible to the point he could not carry his burden any further. The torturer told a man in the crowd to take his burden. The man handed it over.

The man from the crowd was named Rufus, he carried the burden to the top of a hill and there the tortured man was hung.
That man of course was our Lord, Jesus Christ. Mark 15:21
When He says, “Share your burdens with one another” – we should do as He says.
When Rufus was told to take Jesus’ burden – Jesus didn’t say, ” Oh I can handle it – after all I am God” No he handed it over. He does as He says.  When we have an opportunity to be a Rufus, we have no idea what sharing a burden might mean. When Jesus got to the place he was crucified, it saved us all.    While it is unlikely that we would be sharing that kind of horrendous burden, it may very well seem like that to the one carrying it.
Later in the book of Romans, Romans 16:13  Alexander, the son of Rufus, who had carried Jesus’ cross, was said to be a chosen man of God, who was well-known in the faith, as well as his mother.  The effects of being a burden sharer may have far reaching affects.  Modeling God’s love to others is always the best way to go.
So my thought here is, we have no idea what blessing can be had by carrying the burden of another. What happens when the selfless act of sharing your brothers burden, and remember who your brother is? All are our brothers and sisters.
Conversely, this is where I get to place my burdens also. Who will help me with this today. Blessings abound where the redeemed  are faithful.

Blessing are on both sides

It is snowing softly,  No noise, just gentle small flakes falling together as millions of tiny commuters. Going down! , all going down.  While the silent pile grows slowly upward and the coldness holds them hostage, warmth keeps watch and waits until it wills to come along and send them all scattering into the air and the ground.  Such a view from the inside of a warm place where toes snuggle deep into blankets and fingers hold a big warm mug of steaming sweetness. Where blessed they sit and ponder not the lot of anyone else.

Eyes view this sight and momentarily troubles take flight.  Coolness from the window brings back the burning of toes in shoes where socks were meant are none, where mittens might help are socks instead and nothing to cover a head.  Those floating white fingers of frigid thieves, work their way into every inch of warmth’s memory.  There is noise, a low growling, the feeling is as though a wild thing has made purchase of the void area once know, as stomach – it is wildly thrashing for any morsel. A mere portion of an inch of measure stands like a barbaric beastly guardian. It may as well be a gulf un-measurable, for it would not be fordable.

How came I here?  What hath caused this to be my path?  Surely I am no better or worse than that one on the other side of the glass.  Is it in my power to bridge this gulf?  Why can’t one offer hope?  Why can’t one give of bounty?

I opened the door and welcomed in that one God sent to bless me.

Beautiful, Dirty Rags

I recently was blessed with the opportunity to lead some parents and their kids in a Sunday school class.

I was prompted to tell a wee bit of my story to explain that God’s words and precepts are just or emphatic.

People all of a sudden, see me as a sad story or a saint.  The things of my testimony are PAST.  The things on my ministry are a continuing future.   I leave those past hurts with the one who has only the past. You know him by his name, Liar, or fake, or Impostor.

Those things are not me.  While I still have triggers that I have to watch everyday several times a day.  I have much more success than failure.  When I say failure, I mean – do overs!  I am never a failure anymore, I am protected by an amazing Father.  I am forgiven once and for all.  I can come close and say, “Sorry Papa” when I mess up in some way.  And He says, I know,  I forgive you because I love you – You are my most precious child.

I am a work in progress and will be so all the days of my life.   When something tough comes along, I know He is always with me and will knit the mess together into a work of art.

He has blessed me with the ability to forgive and to have compassion and mercy. He is giving more and more patience and wisdom to stop and listen.

It’s a dirty job sometimes, but these dirty rags are white as snow every morning once again.

Love & Laughter – Ty

2014 almost over…

I’m starting my prep at work for the coming new year. New files, new binders, Storing last years stuff away.  So much has changed.  I am now the Office Administrator.   This is the fourth time I have started a job as a receptionist and ended up the Manager or Administrator.   I remember wondering if I would ever get a good job again, because I was past 55 years old.   Alas hBowling  Western 2010 023ere I am.   It is not perfect, but what job is. But, what a blessing!

Having the ability to work and make a living is a tremendous blessing.   If one job doesn’t pay enough we can get two jobs. There is always a way to make enough money to meet our needs.  There is a balance though, are our wants blurred into our needs? Just remember life is not about work only. Am I keeping the Sabbath Holy?  God rested on the 7th day of all those we can emulate the Father would be high on the list.

Putting God first and aligning our lives with His will and Purpose, we will see all our needs being met and blessings upon blessing on top.  God will always provide,

Don’t be like the guy who was stranded floating in the ocean waiting for God to save him.

A boat came by an offered him a life ring – He said No, I’m waiting for God to Save me.

A Helicopter came by and dropped a basket which he ignored, he was waiting for God to save him.

He died.               He asked God, why didn’t you save me?

God said, I sent a boat and a helicopter….

Moral of the story: God’s people are here to help. We are the hands and feet of God.  Look for the help where he provides.

When I’m gone.

Today I attendedrain dance the funeral of a very sweet lady.   She had written letters to those of us left behind. Some individuals and some en mass.   The theme, Love your brothers and sisters.  Offer encouraging words, and be ever ready to forgive.  Tell those you love that you love them.

This was the fourth funeral in a month.  It just puts one to thinking about those things that need to be arranged for, hopefully some day after, say your 95th birthday.   What songs to play – What stories to tell –  and even what to do with this earthly shell.

First, I need to be concerned with going about the Father’s work.  He invites us all to share in the harvest.  Follow His leading and increase the kingdom.   Do I do this all the time?, No.  Do I want to?, YES

Romans 7:19  I don’t want to do what is wrong, but I do it anyway.  English Standard Version For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I keep on doing.    I am in good company  with Paul.    I love that God’s word gives us many references of the Saints, being less “saintly” , we are all human and not a one of us perfect.   But, God forgives those who ask! Isn’t that wonderful, all we have to do is “ASK”

In 2 Chronicles there is a recounting of the reign of Asa.  He sought God’s help in at all times and God blessed him greatly.  Then Asa was afflicted in his feet.  He never ask God for help.  He called in the doctors and tried all kinds of things but would not ask God.  Asa, died from his foot aliment. .

2 Chronicles 16:12    In the thirty-ninth year of his reign Asa was afflicted with a disease in his feet. Though his disease was severe, even in his illness he did not seek help from the LORD, but only from the physician.

When we fail to ask God or to thank God for our daily needs and blessings, it is likened to a spoiled child that feels he in entitled to whatever he wants.
My project is to make my visits to the fountain of regret, fewer and farther between.  I pray for wisdom over and over and I am slowly getting more and more.  Emphasis on  “Slowly” .

I guess my point today is – Keep living, until you die.   Leave the remembrance to those left behind.  Work on what they will remember.  Love & Laughter for now.

Early Morning

The weather is cooler this morning. The first hint of summer taking her leave. The crickets are chatting with intensity as though rallying the troops. I sit by the window with my bible in my hands scanning this verse and that. What do you have for me this day Lord? I don’t want to play bible roulette – open the book, and put my finger blindly on a verse – and just know God led me there. Not so much. I have had many days lately that I opened my bible and felt the urge to place my hand on it and close my eyes and wait. So I do, I am overcome with the compulsion to search my mind for passages that I have tucked away. Is it this time of the world, that sends me to find the Hope that God gave us through the obedience of His Son? That I may stand firm till the day of the Lord, that I may be an overcomer!
I have guest rooms in my house. I am so thrilled and excited to have family come. I prepare their rooms with love and anticipation for those I love to be comfortable and pampered. For those who have gone to sleep in the Lord and have gone on to their room prepared in the Father’s house. Is it in a much grander scale, very similar? I have so much love for my short time guest, but the Father has infinitely more Love and those whose rooms He has readied are not guests, but have come home to stay. Praise God we can believe every word He inspired in the Heavenly GPS – The Bible!