CIMG2394I was reminded recently of another “What did I accomplish with that”  story.   My 8 year old grand daughter was trying to get her mom to let her ride a skateboard.  She asked me if I would have let my kids ride skateboards.  I said no I thought and still do that they were and are dangerous.   We have a picture of one of the kids in a football helmet and a diaper standing on a skateboard holding a bumper sticker that reads, “Skateboarding is not a crime”   I explained that I did my best to try to keep them in somewhat safe activities.   My husband looks up and says oh, that explains one being a fireman, one a Marine, one Air Force Special Ops, and another a kick boxer/meat cutter.   Hmmm?

The topsy-turvy garden, No fuss – no worry just tomatoes in a hurry, ooo – now that looks like the ticket.  So – It hangs upside down in a bag and grows out the bottom, no weeding  – easy –  right!  So the bag is $10.00 the dirt is $7.00 the plants are another $9.00 and there you have it a hanging garden, come on tomatoes.  The wind has blown the poor things around like crazy and I can’t seem to tell how much to water it.  I have worried over those tomato hopefuls and fussed after that bag and now I am going to have to buy tomatoes at the store, after spending all this money and time can you totally see what did I accomplish with that…geez- a- lou.

I decided to get a part-time job, to save up for some Christmas gifts.  It was grueling, on my feet all day then on my feet all night. I was at the end of two months of working double shifts to get some extra money, finally the job was finished and I was so happy to be through with constant work.  I got in my car and went speeding home for the final time. It was great, looking at all the christmas  lights on the way home, when I realized some of the lights were coming up fast behind me.  Oh, no I was fully speeding.  Well to make a long story short…my Christmas money went to a speeding ticket!  Reeeaally – what did I accomplish with that!!!!

May 22, or  as it will forever be known, the day after judgement day.   Poor soul, he must now be thinking  – you guessed it..really what did I accomplish with that?

May 19,  I decided I was going out to the front yard and get all the dandelions that had the audacity to stick their heads out of my beautiful lawns.  I put on my sunscreen spf8, ok didn’t want to burn but some passive tanning was certainly not going to be missed.  Shorts, visor, sunglasses, gardening gloves, and weed popper!, I’m ready for business.  I crawled all over that yard looking with my fine toothed, weed popper!, if their was even the lost diamond chip out of some cheap losers, bad idea of an offering of eternal love, I would find it!  So armed with the garage trash bin, I am popping and carefully placing the intact and oh so powerful, fluff of doom, that is just waiting to fall to the ground and start the next crop of unwelcome devious yellow flowers.  I have my can just full of my dreaded enemies, so I stand up, stretch, remove my gloves, then is when it happened.  I stand admiring my handwork, when across the street at the little park I’m suddenly aware, is covered with the dreaded scerg!  If that weren’t bad enough to add insult to injury, two little girls were giggling as they pick the fluffy tops of doom off and blew them into the wind. The girls giggled some more and the fluff danced and spun its way, by the thousands, across the street and deposited evenly at my feet.  So, really what did I accomplish with that…I need a beer and 11 of his buddies.

Seriously, what was I thinking, how many things can I come up with that can end with, so really what did I accomplish with that. I really blew it!  Lets see if I can pull one out of the air….Thinking..thinking, ok how about this, I married in 2009 a wonderful man and I just am treated so special by him that I am for the life of me trying to out give him at every turn.  I decide to try to get my car over as far as I could so he would have plenty of room in the garage. I ended up kind of jockeying back and forth a bit but finally I was satisfied that he would have all kinds of room. So the next day I went out started my car, put it in reverse and slammed my side mirror into the side of the garage, of course sending it dangling by a wire and me sitting there saying over and over, no way! no way! no freck’n way!!  My love went out bought a new mirror, painted it to match my car and installed it… I have to say more….

I really wanted some new clothes I saved and saved and had about $400 toward some new things.  I decided that I was going to get into the best shape I could and really look good!  Exercise was the first thing I did every morning and again in the evening I would jog.  I was doing really  good and had finally gotten to the place I wanted to be. So off I went to shop!  My one passion is shoes! Flashy- High- Heels , I love them in Red and Black and any fabric.  So I got this great pair and put them on strode out to the middle of the floor, stepped in a crack and twisted my ankle really bad.  After the Dr. visit and the brace on my foot, I needed another $400 dollars and couldn’t wear my new shoes, I was couch bound and stress eatting, so really what did I accomplish with that.

Helping your kids – now there’s a topic.  I love my kids so much and I hate when they struggle with life, money, kiddos, whatever the struggle I just want to help. I have helped too much because I never felt helped and wanted to keep them from that feeling.  But, I now know that I have been self sufficient because of having to be my own help.  I have further divined that that is NOT a bad thing.  Sometimes when I thought I was helping I was just keeping my amazing sons and daughters from becoming autonomous, so really what did I accomplish with that?

Well – I’m going to jump right into the merky and shallow deep end of this issue, Weight Loss I know yuk, pweewe and don’t forget bluck!  But alas I am a real woman with real…”issues” shall we say.  I have seen the back side of 55 and the thighs too!  I’m telling you it’s like someone threw a switch and “blam!”  my body is no longer listening to me – and I sure don’t want to listen to it right now either.  I started this on-line diet and I lost two pounds a week for 6 wks it was great . Then my subscription ran out and I tried to do it on my own and walla….I’m now 10 pounds more than before. Really what did I accomplish with that?

There are times in my life that I look back on and just think -”what did I accomplish with that?”   I worked really hard to try to keep the house clean and the laundry done and the meals prepared, and seriously when I left it all and just ran willy nilly all over the yard with the kids it was better!  I have learned through life that “Trying to keep the house clean and perfect when the kids are little is like trying to keep the bed made while you’re in it”  So play with the kids and take care of the house when their ?……..older  ha!


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