So I found out..

So I found out the Reason – but really what does it matter.  The Reason, doesn’t change the outcome.  The Reason doesn’t salve the hurt.  Not the excuse – but the reason.  This is the process of forgiveness,  Stop tracking the path, cause and yes, Reason – And let it go!  Fill that space with Prayer, Truth and Mercy and Grace.

Why I wonder, is it that great gatherings of fun and laughter – Don’t imprint as vividly as hurt?   Assigning others pure motives and unintended viper strikes while hard, as you can see from the “viper strikes” descriptor, is necessary to keep ones heart soft and supple.  It is much harder to break something that is soft and supple, and much easier to break something that is hard and rigid.

My heart weeps for hurt in others.  Also, for those who have hardened their hearts, thinking it will give protection from hurt.  A hard heart doesn’t protect against hurt, it seeks it out for further confirmation to stay protected and makes no place for Love.

Not a doormat, no that is not what we need to be.  If you find your doormat repeatedly abused – you remove the mat.  Even God says in His word – “Turn the other cheek,

but notice what is not said,  It does not say lift up your chin for the next blow!

We are not expected to be abused door mats or punching bags. We are exhorted to be forgiving and patient to a point.  Then we need to have the good sense to shake the dirt off our sandals and put some physical distance between us and make a firm prayer connection – So there becomes no “Reason”  for the evil one to get a foothold in our lives.  Can I get and Amen!





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