So now..

So now I am on the verge of 57 just a few more days and I will be older than I ever imagined I would be.  60 looms in the distance, I think I may need to plan a big party or get a double Prozac RX.  I’m not loving aging and I’m fairly sure that very few people do.  Skin, vision, weight, memory and just all sort of changes.  For some reason the hair on my head is getting thinner but not to worry my eyebrows are trying to make up for it. I swear they grow in my sleep!  I whacked myself in the face with a towel the other day because I thought that a hairy caterpillar was crawling on me.  I guess that is why the vision changes so you don’t see the changes that are …well frankly frightening.   I got a hair cut something just to the shoulders and I’m supposed to bend over and blow dry it upside down so its fuller.  I just kind of  close my eyes and just let it dry on low, this one day it was too cool so I opened my eyes to adjust the temp and I swear I thought I was blind – but no it was just the loose skin on my face falling down over my eyes – I turned my head and sure enough I could see my reflection in the shower door, well I’ll tell you I’m am so thankful for my bad knee – because it will surely keep me from getting myself into positions that would scare the heck out of anybody in close proximity.


2 thoughts on “So now..

  1. guess I am older than you, 61 this year, when measured by eternity we are less than a spot. missin you. I am teaching the last section on Revelation cuz Sallie Atherstone is on a missions trip. I sure could use your granny jokes. love and hugs to you.

    • My heart is warmed by your note, I miss you daily too. The strength and wisdom we were able to glean from all our studies has sustained me greatly. Wow Revelation that is a blessing, give my love to Sallie and all the other students of all things eternal! xoxox

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