Welcome to Tylines!

CIMG2388I have pondered now for a few weeks, whether to continue to blog or to stop.  I am not sure anymore why I need to do this.  My hope is that someone in need will find me and read some silly thing that will make them laugh or give them peace.  People do not usually leave comments about my blog, I have realized that I want the comments to build me up.  I do have comments that I cherish – ones that realize that this is a labor of love and faith. I trust that my souls outpouring will be good and will shine light on the fact that I am an imperfect woman who falls and gets back up again and again. I seem to get going real good and then I can just fall into a place that I don’t want to be and don’t recognize that I was just happily tromping over hot coals till I was right in the middle of the path of destruction. I am so far from perfect and I fear that I will drag someone down with me because I let the old self in the drivers seat in the most minor way and off I go into the 7 acre woods.  God help me not to be a mystery to myself. Open my eyes daily and guard my mind, my heart and the Soul that is yours.

Another week, it seems like I could close my eyes and be that girl in 1973 just graduated from high school and feeling so alone in the world. No idea at all of how I could possible take care of myself and at the same time chomping at the bit to get on with my life.  I made so many bad choices, it was as though I had a 90-10 percent chance of screwing up and by gum I did.   It is now 2012 can that even be possible?  I will be 57 in June.  That is almost 40 years since high school.  We – my fellow alumni from Templeton High  – have a FaceBook page for class info. This month a page was added for those who have passed away.   Eagles Soar –  these people that laughed with and at each other, hugged and bullied, cheered and geared – we survived this time of our lives that molds us good and bad and made friendships that have lasted a lifetime.  Some have even had the experience of challenging an old rival or asking forgiveness for outrageous behavior or even unexpressed love or admiration.  High school in our little town was so much better then what I saw my kids go through and I now hear them saying that they wish their kids could go to a great school like they did when they were young.  We maybe getting to the end of those days.

Graduation is getting closer every day.  Soon the last kid in college will be done!  He will start looking for a job and a place, he is really ready to be out of this house and get a dog and a BMW and Rich!  We will see, I pray he finds something that he can survive on until he finds his dream job.  This is such an exciting time and he is just paralyzed with fear.  I can remember thinking I would not make it when I left home to, but we have tried to really encourage him and give him good advice.  Time will tell.

Weeks have grown wings, I am so glad the weather is nice and at the same time I’m counting the days till the next election, which will put me right back in the yuk weather!  This week the Supreme Court is hear the Obama Care case.  I found the transcript page online and find it very interesting – it is sounding hopeful so far, but the mainstream media is saying that doesn’t mean a thing..it smacks of “ignore the man behind the curtain” .  Our president told the Russian leaders that he would have more flexibility after he is “re-elected”.  Can the rest of the world think we will stand by and see this supreme failure re-elected?  I really feel that God allows those in power to be in power for His reasons, that being said it is not always for good. He allowed foreign armies to be victorious over His people for the reason of getting their attention and getting them back on track.  We need to wake up and get back in the game..evil flourishes when Good men do nothing.

I a twit..or wait I think its Tweet..yes that is it, I’m a “Tweeter” what a thrill!

It is so sunny but a little bit of a chill in the air.  Work is busy and I am just going along checking things off my list. I’m so thankful to have such a good job.  Low stress and always something different.  Time is just flying, I will be married to my wonderful gift 3 years on Valentines day.  I am blessed to have this love finally in my life.

Its a new year!

I want to see how many things that have happened and will happen that Prayers impacts. I want to see the Yes’and the Nos’ and the waits.

Prayer list:

1/7 – All my sons and daughters will be in church and in the word more this year (oh and me too)


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Tylines!

  1. I finally found my way here. you have your story to tell like HIS story.
    I miss you but know God has you in a special place for you and for others just for such a time as this.
    Thank God we can leave our kids in God’s hands, it is just hard not to keep trying to take over again. ha ha love ya susie

  2. how are you doing my little jewish grandma? sally is going to be a missionary so I will be leading the precept class, please pray for helper, thanks

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